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Young Marine Reply to Nurse

A nurse hurriedly took a Young Marine to bedside of a old man and said to him, “Your son is here..”

Patient was was heavily sedated, after a while with difficulty old man opened his eyes. A young marine was standing near his bed. Old man reached out to his hand.

Seeing this, the young man grabbed his hand and held it. He wrapped his hand around the old man’s trembling hand and lovingly.

The nurse brought a chair for Marine to sit by the old man’s bed. Throughout the night Marine sat beside the old man, holding his hand and comforting him.

Occasionally, the nurse would come to check on the old man and advise Marine to leave and get some rest, but he refused. The nurse was moved by the son’s love and affection for his old man.

When she came in later that night, she heard the young man saying some gentle words to the old man. The dying old man said nothing but held her hand tightly.

Towards dawn, the old man died. Marine let go of the old man’s lifeless hand and went to the nurse to inform her of the old man’s death.

After completing all the formalities she came back to the young Marine and started to offer her sympathy but the young Marine stopped her and said why are you telling me this?

The nurse was shocked by his answer and hesitantly replied, “He was your father..!”

Marine replied, “No, I don’t know him.. I’ve never met him before in my life.”

Confused, the nurse asked, “If you don’t know him, why didn’t you say anything when I took you to him?”

The Marine replied, “I knew then, that a mistake had been made, but you were in too much of a hurry, and when I saw the old man, I thought that he needed his son and who was not.”

When he took my hand, I felt that he was too sick to tell if I was his son or not… Knowing how much he needed his son in his last hour, I stayed there. “

Moral: When someone needs you.. just be there.

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