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Mom’s Home?

You peep through the curtain and see your mom’s car approaching. You immediately remember she told you to wash the dishes — 30 minutes ago — before she got back from where she was going.

You didn’t plan not to wash it. In fact, you were going to wash it any time soon. You just wanted to finish the last episode of Squid Game before you dived into washing the dishes that were piled up like the whole community had eaten with them.

“Why did she have to come back so early”, you grumbled? you imagined she’d rebuke you in irritation immediately she stepped in. It’s the first place she would go into to inspect the task she had ordered you to do.

In the heat, you dashed your toe against the wall. With excruciating pain, you limped to the kitchen. Your toe soon started bleeding, but it wasn’t important at the moment.

You had to be done with the dishes before your mum made her way upstairs.

“It would be impossible to wash all these before mom comes upstairs” you reasoned. So you gathered some and arranged them in the cupboard. She wouldn’t suspect a thing. You planned to attend to them if she steps out again.

In no time, you were done with the dishes. You were never that fast in doing anything. You had set a world record, quite the achievement.

You dashed to the sitting room to put things in place. You turned off the TV, carried your books and laid them wide open in the reading area.

She would suspect you were reading since she left. She wouldn’t blame you for everywhere still being messy. Unexpectedly your phone rang, it was your mum.

“Quickly bring the blue file on the center table downstairs. I forgot to pick it up before leaving. ” She said.


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