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Dinner party guest accidentally takes too many scallops

SWAN VALLEY, ID— Dinner guest Laynie Martin was mortified Friday night after she realized that she had taken too many scallops at a dinner party- leaving too few for the people behind her in line.

The anniversary dinner was in honor of Jake and Kayla Ivie, who decided to celebrate their milestone at their lakeside lodge in Swan Valley. According to Martin, there were about twenty family members and close friends in attendance and the food was provided ‘buffet style’ on a large table in the back of the dining room. “When I was waiting in line, kind of tapping my empty plate like you do,” Martin said, “Jake’s brother Kenny leaned softly into my ear from behind me and says something like, ‘you have to try a scallop, they’re incredible’. And I’ve had kind of a thing for Kenny since the wedding so I got real nervous.”

When her place in line landed her at the bacon-wrapped scallop tray, Martin faced a difficult decision. “I took a scallop. Then I took another one because they looked so good. Then I started getting nervous about Kenny being behind me and about what he said, so I took a third.”

Martin then said that she regretted taking so many scallops because there were only about eight left in the tray and about twelve people in line behind her, but decided to keep them on her plate so that nobody would see her putting food back. “Then I see Kenny behind me hesitantly take one scallop and that was it. I felt so embarrassed.” Martin then ate the largest of her bacon-wrapped scallops in a single bite so that nobody would see her plate containing three scallops.

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