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School Requires Students to Dry Their Hands on Their Clothes After Washing

PIPIE, ID— In an effort to cut spending at the local high school in Pipie, Idaho, school officials have decided to slash the ‘bathroom amenities’ budget. “We took a look at the budget and decided that something had to go” said Walter Mcguinn, the sponsor of the budget change, “we couldn’t really do away with entire departments and programs, so we decided to cut little bits of spending from all parts of the budget.” Part of that cut, McGuinn says, is to eliminate paper towels in the restrooms and use that money elsewhere in the budget. “We didn’t want to get rid of everything,” McGuinn goes on to say, “but we had to find something that we could replace with a cheap alternative or do without altogether. For now, students and teachers will just have to dry their hands on their pants.”

The school is in the process of installing hand-dryers in the bathrooms, but coincidentally, the budget for installing them has also been cut. Students won’t have to dry their hands on their clothes forever; school officials intend to task the PTA with gathering donated hair dryers and extension cords from the community which the school can house in the empty paper towel dispensers. If you would like to donate a hair dryer or extension cord, please contact Jeannie Rosenthall at

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