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Do You Cut Grass…Or Do You Mow Lawns?!

I was outside earlier when I saw one of neighbors across the street “cutting grass.” (I’ll elaborate on what that means in a little bit) I saw a woman approx. in her early 60’s out there mowing and she had a great groove to her which is soooo important.

All of a sudden a young lady and young man took over the yard duties for her. Now these two wouldn’t know the difference between a ho and the actual gardening tools but they gave it the ole “college try.” They were pretty much just going thru the motions. No soul at all. They probably just should’ve just let ma-duke finish up her business. They also was using one of those electrical lawnmowers.

Saying that thing was quiet would be a gross understatement. You would’ve heard more noise from a mouse pissing on cotton then what that mower was making. The neighbor beside me also uses on of those mowers as well. Which makes me ask the question, are folks moving away from them gas guzzlers?

Now I know that gas right about is about 48 dollars a gallon but there’s just something about pouring the gas in and trying to spill that crap everywhere. Plus, priming up that bad boy and pulling it. Mayneeeee, now that’s what you call “cutting yards/grass.”

And there’s a big dam difference between “mowing the lawn” and “cutting grass.” Mowing the lawn was what with them kiddies were doing and cutting grass is what my grandfather used to do. Man, that cat used to get out there early in the morning with his wallet in tow. He even had his very own case of wine coolers up in the shed. Not sure why he kept them out there because I never saw him get buzzed when he was working. Maybe it was for after he’s finished and that way he could admire his work. I still remember bringing him an ice cold cup of water. Good times indeed.

Sending this one out to all of the fellas and the ladies out there that are keeping the lost art of cutting grass alive and well.

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