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I saw an article about Ben Affleck & Jenny from the block getting married. So what they’re gonna be known as now: B-Lo? J-Flek? Congratulations to the couple. They deserve each other and by deserve, I mean that’s the best that they could do.

Interesting thing is when the “news” was reporting that they were dating again, they never showed new pictures of the reunited couple. All the pictures that you would see would be of old pictures. I never understood why they were doing that until later on. When they did get the okay to publish new photos of the couple, they looked like they were down on hard times.

Now I know if you were to “google” their net worth individually, it would say that they’re worth millions of dollars but it’s more to that saying then money. The couple both looked weathered and defeated as oppose to when you would see pics of them from twenty years prior. They had that “this is the best that I could do” look on their faces. I guess the dating game is “down bad” (as the kids would say) even for the “celebs.”

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