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How-To Spot a Liar: A Comprehensive Guide Into Not Being a Sucker

Have you ever seen a person just lie and lie for no good dam reason at all? Have you ever looked at them and wanted to “take em’ out to the woodshed”? Has there been somebody that you felt like that could trust with your life but then you found out that you couldn’t trust that imbecile to help you solve a jigsaw puzzle?

Well, we’ve all been there a time or two in our lives. The most important thing is recognize the “signs”. And believe you me, there are some tidbits to look out for so that you can better guard your heart and your bank account too.

First thing you wanna keep your eyes on is their “eyes.” Some folks are just horrific liars and won’t even be able to keep eye contact with you while they’re stut-t-t-t-t-ering all over the words. And I mean I want you to stare deep into the eyes and that way you’ll be able to tell whether or not the person is the genuine article or about as genuine as three dollar bill.

Now you’re about to ask yourself, well, homez, eyes can lie. And what if the person is one of them special intelligence type of folks, what do ya do then. Well, I’mma tell ya. Keep the person talking. Just keep that person running their mouth because eventually they’re going to run out of lies. Oh yes! False people will always expose themselves; You just gotta keep their lips moving. And see while they’re flapping off at the gums, You want to make mental notes on every thing that they say and then maybe a few weeks and better bring that back up to them and check out their reply and watches how they switch fast they switch up.

Remember, there’s always a hint of truth in every con but the important thing to not lose focus on is that those fools are conning. #Forgetstayingwokenevergotosleep.

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