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I SCREAM For Ice Cream

If I would’ve known today was National Ice Cream Day, I would’ve went on down to Dairy Queen and got myself one of those blizzards. I haven’t had Dairy Queen in quite some time. And man, don’t those DQ commercials look so good.

That’s thing with these food commercials, the food be looking so good on that big screen but when you get the food in front of you, it looks nowhere near as appealing. I call that false advertising. Here you are at home not doing sh*t and then this commercial comes on with a perfectly made cheeseburger with some of those curly fries and it has your mouth watering.

Then they have one of those incredibly, looking soft drinks right beside it. Or the pizza commercials. The way they stretch out the cheese when they pull that pizza apart. Then you go out and get the pizza, bring it home and open up the box and it looks like sliced bread with cheese. Sometimes, the people even cook the pizza too hard. Got burn marks all over it.

These people don’t even have the audacity to put enough sauce on the pizzas. They give you a spoonful. A teaspoon full at that. If you want more sauce, you gotta pay extra. #Inflationisamutha

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