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Lights! Camera! Action?: How All Politicians Are Full of Sh*t

How fitting that this pic shows an empty building out in the state capitol because I don’t think those cats really be doing anything to begin with other then thinking of different ways that they can scheme the people out of their hard-earned money even more.

There’s a running joke out there about how do you know if a politician is lying and the answer is because his/her lips are moving. Now maybe saying ALL politicans are full of crap is maybe a little overexasperation on my part. It’s probably about 98.96 percent of politicians are full of it. A large portion of these “people” and I use that term very loosely, are nothing but overpaid actors/entertainers.

They are no different then Denzel Washington, Mel Gibson, Matthew McConaughey or whomever else you can think of. They are merely there to play a role on mis-leading the folks. Sure, we can all point to one good one here are there but we would all have to agree is that the bar is so low.

An example of that was this “twerking” senator that’s been in the “news” lately. Now if that whole situation doesn’t tell you that these people are a**es from a woman who was showing hers then I don’t what else to say to convince you. These people are just simply paid actors AND actresses inserted into so-called “prominent” positions to get people riled up about the upcoming midterm elections. They use different people to target different demographics so no one is ever excluded. That’s right! We are all fucked regardless of skin complexion.

That’s all we are to them is a demographic. A so-called vote for them to not do utter crap for you or your families or your communities. All we have is each other. These are attention-grabbin-prompter-reading-sticking-to-the-script-out-of-touch imbeciles who couldn’t put together a jigsaw puzzle let alone solve real world issues. One of the biggest issues that has been detriment to the real world as a whole are these parasitic leeches who’ve been draining it of all its resources.

And low and behold when I check the news, I see that seventeen of your fave “actors/ actresses got arrest. All that was one great, big publicity stunt to get the American people in hook-line-sinker. The point of all of this nonsensical bullshit is to simply get a rise out of you. To control you. Stop worrying about the clowns and worry about yourself and those around you because when it has all be said and done, that’s all you got anyways.

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