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The World Needs More Bass

I’m about to sound really old but the music that people be listening to today is absolutely horrendous. A group of feral cats fighting early in the morning can hold a better tune then 98 percent of the folks in left in the music industry.

The free download game pretty much was its doomsday. I hear stiuff on the radio and I’m like, “I can make a better record then that.” Just hook me up with that autotune or better yet I can just stick my head next to a fan and sing like we used to do back in the day. Now that was our autotune.

And it seems like every record has that crap embedded in it no matter the genre. I heard a country song with autotune in it. Does anybody just simply sing anymore? Oh and another thing these car systems people be having now are a joke. I guess it’s only fitting since majority of the music is trash so the sound systems might as well follow suit. I heard one ride passing by awhile ago and I didn’t hear not one iota of bass. It was all treble. My Sony tabletop stereo from 1991 had more bass then that. Dam shame what the music and sound systems world have turned into!

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