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Becoming Jack Dorsey

You will most likely have read around a hundred times that it is important to model yourself on successful people if you want to be successful. It makes sense, and most of the time it isn’t hard to do. Every now and then though, you find a potential model that is just a little ‘too much’.

Jack Dorsey is the genius behind Twitter. Or the maniac behind modern mass attention deficit disorder, whatever. He’s also a scarily healthy guy.

Apparently, being one of the most famous social media Gods on the planet requires a lot of work behind the scenes. While I don’t (I really don’t) expect anyone else to manage all of what Dorsey does for his health, maybe one or two of the following aspects of his regime could be for you?

Or me, even?

I’m going to give it a go for a while. After each of these three (relatively easier) parts of Jack’s insane life, I’ll tell you what I’m doing to reach his level.

Don’t worry, I’m not going ‘full Jack’ yet.


“I’ve more or less kept up the practice of two hours … a day,” but “if you can just get 10 minutes, and sometimes that’s all I can find, that’s what I do.”

This is his biggie. He loves meditation. So much so that he’s traveled to other countries to meditate for ten days at a time. Last year he posted pictures on social media (sorry, Twitter) of one of his retreats. His time was spent without devices, meat, talking, books, and even eye contact. Just straight meditation.

Meditation decreases a ton of the bad stuff that happens in your life, from stress to distraction. It also helps with focus and productivity. In other words, it helps make him Jack Dorsey.

If you can’t fit in two hours a day like Dorsey, go for the ten minutes.

I’m busy though, and to be honest, meditation has always made me a little stressed in the past. Mindfulness helps, and there are at least two apps already I’m looking at to build up mindfulness. Maybe they’ll get me started.

Also, I’m a little annoyed at seeing all these apps for meditation that make you pay quite significant amounts for membership. Not good. And certainly not great Karma.

What I plan to do: Investigate mindfulness apps and see if they help.

He doesn’t eat (much)

“It really has increased my appreciation for food and taste because I’m deprived of it for so long during the day…”

Dorsey is talking about intermittent fasting right there. There are many different variations of this process but I like the one he seems to have used more than once.

The Dorsey version asks that you don’t eat until lunch and that you don’t eat after eight pm. So you have this window of around eight hours during which you can eat. This keeps the rest of your waking hours free of food.

This is doable. Wake up, go to work. Eat at lunch. Then have dinner and no food after eight.

The main hurdle for me would be missing breakfast. My body is conditioned to have breakfast. Other than that, if all you have to worry about is no food after eight, it’s not a tough thing to implement.

Except that’s not quite true.

Silly me, I didn’t get the full story.

On digging further, I found that Dorsey eats only once a day and he doesn’t eat all weekend.

This is something I know I can’t do. I can do the no eating outside of certain hours thing, but not eating at the weekends is something I’m not even going to entertain.

What I plan to do: The only time I will eat is between 12 pm and eight pm.


“The only supplements I take are daily multivitamin and vitamin C, a lot of vitamin C…”

Ah, supplements.

If you’re like me, there are probably a couple of tubs of multivitamins and one or two special seaweed and/or kelp supplement boxes hidden away in your kitchen cupboard.

If you’re not like me, congratulations.

In any case, I’m planning to crack open a pack and start a daily regime for a few days (if that makes sense). If I see any kind of improvement at all I’ll keep it up. However, I’m very aware that there are millions of people out there who really think supplements are placebos in nice packaging. We shall see.

What I plan to do: Take multivitamins every day for a week.

Next steps

I’m intrigued. Dorsey has made it clear on more than one occasion that the only reason he does the ‘weird’ health stuff is so that he can keep running his various companies well. He’s worth around £4 billion, which means he’s doing something right.

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