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The Day the AC Went Out – a writing prompt. 

Temperatures are heading into the hundreds today making it the hottest day of the year so far. But I’m not complaining. Unlike some, I have the luxury of keeping myself cool during these sweltering days. With the touch of a button, I will have my AC unit running and the whole house will be like living in an igloo.

Unfortunately, when I got to press the button, nothing happens. But I’m not in panic mode yet. Perhaps someone just accidently unplugged it in the middle of the night. However, I see the unit is still plugged in. OK, a little panic is setting in. I hit the button again several times, hoping it was just a minor glitch, but again, nothing. Now, I am in full panic mode.

I head to the computer, wiping the sweat that is already dripping down my brown, and search repair men in my area. There are only two and one of them appears to be on vacation for the summer. Of course, he is. I call up the other one, and after three rings, he picks up, easing my nerves a little. I explain my situation to him and asks him if it is possible if he could help me. It turns out his day is full and won’t be available until tomorrow.

” Tomorrow?” I say in disbelief. I have no choice but to agree to it. He would be there sometime between 10AM and 3PM. I thank him for his time and hang up.

With no AC or fans, I am forced to spend the day in a sweltering heat.

I can feel the sweat dripping down my back and my clothes are sticking to my body. I could not take it anymore and headed outside.

The sun is burning down on me, but I escape it by taking shelter under the only tree that is growing in my backyard. I turn on the hose and gently spray myself with it. It’s so welcoming on my warm skin. It’s like Heaven. Until the water aggravates a giant wasp hanging around and it turns its sights on me.

” GO AWAY!” I shout, swatting my hand at it. I can feel it trying to get into my hair. I hurry to turn off the water and run back inside. I don’t think the outside is for me.

Upon my return to the inside, I found it felt hotter indoors than out. I’ve had enough. I gather a tank top and shorts and head to take a cold shower. The feeling of the pounding cold water on my body is probably the best feeling in the world at this point. I never want to leave but the water bill would be massive.

Fresh out of the bath with a cold glass of water and collapse on the couch. The hot air is not doing me any favorite. Despite the cold shower, the sweat just keeps coming.

The phone rings and I lazily answer it. It turns out to be the repair man from earlier. He had a cancellation and is able to squeeze me in. Delighted and thrilled, I immediately say yes and dance a small jig around my living room and tell him I’ll be waiting. I hang up the phone and sit on the couch, drinking my water and wait.

Hours would pass, and still no sign of the repair man. I’m starting to have many doubts that he is going to show. My body is completely drenched in a sticky sweat I pick up my glass and try to take a drink only to discover the water is gone and the ice is melted. I head to the front window and peek outside. To my surprise, the repair has finally arrived. I nearly hug him as he starts in on the job. I allow him to do his magic as I wait in the kitchen. After an hour or so passes, the repair man returns to the kitchen and looks rather grim.

” I hate to break it to you miss, but your AC unit went out and the part I need to fix it, well, I don’t have it,” he said to me.

” What do you mean you don’t have it?”

” I’ll have to order it for you, and I’ll let you know when it comes in.”

” How long is that going to take?”

” Oh, about three days or so. I suggest you buy a fan or two. The next few days are going to be unbearable. Good day, ma’am,” he said, tipping his hat at me as he exits the house.

” Three days?” I said, slowly sitting back down. ” Three days?” Then the repair man poked his head inside and said:

” Three unbearable days.”

” Oh,” I groaned, resting my head on the table.

At least it felt cool.

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