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About Me, Yana Bostongirl

Hi, my name is Yana and I’m a writer/blogger.

I primarily write on Medium where I am one of the editors at the Coffee Times pub. I also host a column “Know Thyself” which is dedicated to spirituality, self-awareness, Empath/HSP experiences, and healing topics among others. 

Though I am a personal story writer, I also enjoy exploring different styles of writing and my words have been published ✍️ in the big pubs on Medium such as The Start-Up, Better Humans, Curious, Invisible Illness, An Injustice, and Age of Awareness as well as on Vocal Media, NewsBreak, Quora, and most recently, Simily.

🦋5 fun facts about me🦋

I’m Multilingual - a couple of the more interesting ones being Sotho (clicking sounds hello) and Nigerian Pidgin English (Wetin be dat👀)

I enjoy teaching ESOL (English for speakers of other languages).

I have Nina Simone and a whole lot of the ’50s, ’60s & ’70s 🎵on replay.

I think there are some important life lessons that can be gleaned from stock trading😉

I once won a minor beauty pageant 👸🏻 and what it taught me can be summed up as follows - Beauty may get the (momentary) attention but it is the personality that gets the heart. So I quit chasing the former and embraced the latter👍

Find me on Twitter, NewsBreak, and Quora

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  1. Gutentag, Yana! I love 50’s, 60’s and 70’s music, but not exclusively (I like Bruno Mars, Pitbull, and “clean” versions of Pink songs). Plus, I love to daytrade on Robinhood. (yes, it’s small potatoes, I know–but so fun!)
    Oh, and I love collecting “hello” and “good morning” greetins in different languages. Halito from Oklahoma (Choctaw)!