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Green and Growing Things: Seeds and Stories

A NaNoWriMo writing sprint prompt poem

Green and growing things

I love this theme because it reminds me of spring

Of new life

Of how things grow and begin

Green and growing things like plants and feelings

Grass and friendships

New life experiences

Green means life and money options

Good and nourishing things

Yummy and fresh things — like food and thoughts

Salads and fresh fruits and vegetables

I’m sprouting new things every day — stories, seeds begin to take root

Black beans and black-eyed peas

Sweet and new potatoes

Happy, sad, and real stories grow from new ideas, thoughts, and experiences

My seedlings are still inside hiding from the frost

My stories stay in my mind and in drafts waiting for me to tend, finish and edit them

Green and growing things — stories and seeds sprouting every day…

This poem was inspired by a NaNoWriMo writing sprint prompt during a Writers of Color (WOC) meeting. I’m a writer and urban gardener and the temperature fluctuations have caused my seedlings to die. So in between my new seeding experiments, I write.

Although I didn’t do so well during April’s NaNoWriMo camp, I’m happy for the opportunity to meet another great group of writers. NaNoWriMo meet’s monthly for current or aspiring novelists.

If you’re interested in joining our bi-weekly Saturday WriteIns for general writers, leave a note or comment.

Thank you for reading!

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