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The Unintelligible Game of Crimes

It was a stormy night. Mac, the scrawny, nerdy, boy with glasses that would fit a giant, was hiding behind an unreadable grave. He had been there for a couple of hours, shaking at the sight or sound of anything out of the ordinary. If someone saw him, they would think he was a crackhead feigning for more dope. The pouring rain made the night seem darker, Mac would go unnoticed even if people were within 10 feet, but that didn’t stop him from being extremely cautious. He began to hear footsteps making their way in his direction. He hid further behind the grave, doing his best to be silent. He remained as still as the grave in which he stood behind, not knowing who the feet belonged to. Mac was holding a box taken from one of these graves. Inside the box was an abundance of metals forged into jewelry worth thousands, maybe even millions of dollars. This box was the prize of the small town he lived in, everyone knew this unmarked grave had these riches, but no one had been courageous enough to steal it until Mac came along. This box of riches has been an urban legend, but Mac confirmed its truth by uncovering it successfully.

“I know you’re over here, and I know what you have,” said a dark, deep voice, “Mac,”

Mac continued to stand still. His breathing deepened, though, and his heartbeat was moving at an active rate. He didn’t recognize the voice, but he knew he wouldn’t be alone out here to get the job done. Just as Mac’s heart rate was beginning to drop, the big man jumped out from behind the headstone that Mac was hiding behind and pointed a flashlight in his eyes. Mac was pretty sure his heart was about to jump out of his chest and run away in the rain.

“There you are, you little rat,” said the man, still invisible to Mac behind the blinding beam of an industrial-sized flashlight. “Why didn’t you come out when I said your name?”

“I didn’t know it was you, Devon” replied Mac, now standing up and recovering from the terror of being scared in a graveyard. This man was large and hard-faced. His jaw seemed like it could cut steel. Devon is Mac’s best friend. They have been friends ever since grade school and stayed in the same town through college, and now work here. Devon put his flashlight down and revealed himself to Mac. Devon was wearing his uniform. A police officer in his early years with hopes to rise to a lead detective in a big city. Although the uniform did not seem big enough for Devon, he made it look good. Most people didn’t even believe he was a cop. He was often mistaken for a stripper playing the role of a sexy police officer.

Mac got into this mess because he was just fired. His boss gave his job to the small-town bad boy, Tyrell. Tyrell had never worked hard in his life and been to jail multiple times, but threatened his way into a good job and got Mac kicked out. Devon, an arresting officer of Tyrell on multiple occasions, agreed that Tyrell needed to be taken down. In this time, they hatched the plan to steal the jewelry, plant the evidence on Tyrell to get him arrested for good, then sell the riches and split them easily. They thought the plan was foolproof.

The plan was simple. Mac would unearth the riches, then hand off the box to Devon. Devon would then use his spot as the only officer on the night shift to plant the evidence at Tyrell’s house. Then he would call in an anonymous tip and use it as evidence to arrest Tyrell. While Tyrell was being processed, Mac would use the key given to him by Devon to sneak into the evidence lockup and steal the jewelry back. After a few days, Mac and Devon would go start selling the pieces of jewelry, splitting the money halfway. They would eventually go their separate ways and live isolated, lavish lives.

Officer Devon took the box of riches from Mac and they parted ways for the night. Mac went home to get some rest and play video games, which is all he did now that he has no job. Devon took the box to Tyrell’s house, which was empty for the night, and planted the box in a small shed in the back. He then called the station and placed an anonymous tip, answered his own tip, and “found” the evidence in the shed when his partner showed up. This gave them cause to arrest Tyrell, so they sat in their car and waited for Tyrell to come home. Devon was smiling in his car grievously knowing that their plan was going perfectly so far.

Tyrell showed up a few hours later and was arrested before he even went inside his own house. At the station, he had no idea what he was even arrested for but the arrest went through anyway, and he was sent to the upstate prison within three hours. Devon was quick to move the jewelry into the evidence lockup on his way out, but he made sure to leave the light on so Mac would be able to make it in and out quickly when he came for the goods. He then left the station without locking anything and went home. On his way out, Mac was walking in to file a false report on his phone being stolen. While inside the station, he snuck into the open evidence lockup and grabbed the box of jewelry to take home and sell off for himself and Devon. The night shift leaves the police station baron. Normally, Devon is the only officer there, but on this night, two other officers were working late and Mac distracted them by spilling coffee in the hallway. He walked out with the box and no red flags were raised by anyone inside the station. No one even saw him. He couldn’t sleep that night because he was so excited that their plan had nothing go wrong to that point.

When Mac got home with the box, Devon was waiting for him outside. They walked into Mac’s house and admired their catch. Using the internet, they estimated that this box stored about $900,000 of diamonds and other exotic gems. They grabbed some beers and started planning what their lives would be after cashing out on this stuff. Mac was going to move to Alaska and live on a ranch with alpacas. Devon was going to move to Brazil and rise up in their government because apparently, all it took was a lot of American money to be a successful politician there. They planned for Mac to sell the first piece the next day, a diamond-studded necklace worth about $50,000 alone.

The next day, Mac was at the local town jeweler getting a price for the necklace when a SWAT Team busted the door down. They immediately went to Mac and placed him under arrest for stealing the jewelry. Without hesitation, he was brought into the station and into the interrogation room. In the room, he met Officer Devon, holding the entire box of jewelry that they stole together. Devon placed the jewelry on the table and then brought Tyrell into the room. Devon was sporting a sinister smile that could bring down an entire crowd of people.

“Mac McDonald, do you recognize this man?” Asked Devon, pointing towards Tyrell.

“Yes, that is Tyrell Smoochie, we used to work together,” replied Mac. His confusion and anger were growing rapidly but he refused to show it on his face. He was thinking that this was somehow just an extension of the plan that Devon couldn’t tell him about.

“Were you aware that he was recently arrested for the stealing of this jewelry on the table?” Asked Devon again, now pointing at the box of jewelry on the table.

“Yes I was, what’s the meaning of this?” Mac was sweating now. He had thought Devon was supposed to be in prison for the next five years. Something is going wrong with their plan.

“Well, we have you on camera stealing the box, placing it in Tyrell’s possession, stealing it from police evidence, and now trying to sell that jewelry. You are under arrest for felony robbery, false accusation of felony robbery, and planting evidence. Do you have any questions?” Devon was smiling now. Mac could tell there was something seriously off with what was happening.

Mac could not even respond. He had just realized that Devon was working against him the whole time. Tyrell was smiling boldly behind him. Mac then realized that Tyrell was in on it the whole time. Devon and Tyrell were good buddies in college, but Mac stayed away from Tyrell because he was always getting into trouble. Tyrell never even finished college.

“Have fun rotting in prison, Mac” said Devon, and then he and Tyrell walked out of the room, bringing the box of jewelry with them.

Mac was sentenced to 20 years in prison with the option of parole for good behavior. Devon and Tyrell fled the country, headed to Uruguay to sell the riches, and lived in the countryside together. Before they left, they visited Mac in prison to tell him that they had been lovers ever since college. This was their plan to get out and live a lavish life together. Of course, no one would believe Mac, the convicted felon if he tried to use this to get out of prison. They got married with a local farmer signing as their witness and were never seen again by a United States citizen.

While Mac was rotting away in prison, he marked every day as one less day until he could go get revenge. Flights to Uruguay were cheap. He could make that money easily. Finding them in Uruguay couldn’t be hard. He would find them and rob them. He would get all of the money that was rightfully his, and he would kill. Everything would be solved once he finally made it out of prison. The anger and the revenge were keeping him going. 

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