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Recovered Evidence Entry # 12 & 13: Title Registration & Notebook

T = Title Acceptance Council

J = Jinju Hatsuda

T – Title name: Paranormal Investigator. Title recipient: Jinju Hatsuda, age 18, male, with a birth date of September 15th, 2000. Is all of this correct Mr. Hatsuda?

J – Yes, that’s- that’s all right.

T – Good, now then, Mr. Hatsuda, can you tell us why you wanted to become a paranormal investigator in the first place? Please be as detailed as possible.

J – Well, I- Well I just… liked looking into para-paranormal stuff and thought I was good enough at it to- at it to try and get the title.

*A few moments of silence are followed by the Council speaking amongst themselves.*

T – Mr. Hatsuda, I would like to inform you that we have a Mr. [Redacted for privacy sake], whose talent is a liar. In being one, he is able to see through other people’s lies, including your own.

J – Well- Well I-

T – Mr. Hatsuda, please give an honest and detailed explanation on why you wish to become a Paranormal Investigator. We will not shame or think of any ill will towards you.

J- …When- When I was a kid, my dad- … My dad wouldn’t be all that nice to my- to my mom….

T – When you say ‘all that nice’ do you mean that he domestically abused your mother?

J – …Y-yes.

T – And what happened to your mother?

J – She- She got tired of all of it, so she- so she left in the middle of the night, and the next time I saw her…

T – Was at her funeral, correct? We have your personal history on file.

J – Yes that-s that’s right. According to the coro-coroner, she had done it to herself, but…

T – But you didn’t believe that?

J – I knew it was- I knew it was a dumb idea to say that the c-coroner was wrong, and I wanted to try and…contact my mom.

T – And you turned towards Paranormal Investigation to meet that dream?

J – I-I did at first, but then I actually started to like do-doing paranormal stuff… But I still want to speak with my mom again…

T – How do you plan on doing that, Mr. Hatsuda?

J – Well…

*There is a brief moment of silence, and shuffling can be heard*

J – I have a notebook that I write down all of- all of my paranormal stuff down in, and I have a few ideas.

T – Please, do share.

This tape was recovered from the title registration office alongside six others in hopes of helping us in our investigation of the culprit behind these ‘killing games’. Hatsuda’s tape was recovered not only due to him being one of the first people dead in the prison game, but also due to the fact that we had found his notebook.

His notebook was recovered from the wreckage of L’Espoir, being held up above the water by the part of the cruise ship labeled as the ‘Upper Floor’, where the corpses of the theorized ten participants from the prison game were being held.

The contents of the notebook are, as the tape suggests, mainly focused around paranormal ideas, and findings on the explorations that Hatsuda went on. There are printed out pictures from other books glued into the notebook, potentially due to Hatsuda not having the patience to copy down the notes from the book instead, however Hatsuda has made a point to add extra notes on the side of the printed pictures to help.

This notebook would have been discarded from the evidence pile, however, after one of our agents, Selary, looked through the notebook in full, she had pointed out multiple instances of the handwriting in the notebook not matching up with Hatsuda’s.

We compared the handwriting throughout most of the notebook with multiple documents Hatsuda had to sign and answer questions on, and the handwriting matches there perfectly. However, comparing this second handwriting with another piece of paper recovered from the prison game which had the handwritings of six of the surviving participants at the time, none of those match up, so we have reason to believe that the person was also writing in Hatsuda’s notebook may be the culprit behind the killing games.

The most interesting part of this discovery comes from where this second handwriting was found. Hatsuda’s writings are scattered across all parts of the notebook, however this second handwriting only appears in the section of the notebook focused around resurrecting the dead. We will have to look further into this and question the survivors of the boat game to figure out what this could all mean. 

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