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Was Water Always Orange?

December 2nd

Was water always Orange?

Trust me, I know, crazy way to start a conversation.

Might as well have just said ‘Hey I’m totally bonkers, nice to meet you!’ Would’ve had the same effect on you I’m sure. But this is a genuine question that I’ve had in the past couple hours, and honestly I’m not sure why.

I know I’m not colorblind, I can see colors pretty damn well, and I’m like, 80% sure that water was blue/clear for most of my life. So you can imagine my surprise when I turned on the sink today and saw Orange shit coming out.

I know I’m not the only one either, my roommate agrees with me that it’s orange! He’s usually the one joking and making fun of me, but the fact that he’s actually agreeing with me means I’m not crazy this time!

I don’t know if this is a regional thing, like the government messed with our water supply and now it’s all radioactive or something (Is radioactive stuff orange sometimes?) but we decided not to touch or drink any of this stuff until we know what’s going on. I wrote this down just on the small chance that we’re like, being invaded or something stupid.

December 5th

Was grass always Gray?

Heyo, back at it again, and this time I actually feel like I’m going insane.

Couple days ago, the water turned orange, cool, government shit probably. Later on in the day though, we found out that it wasn’t just a regional thing, and that literally every place, at least in the US, had their water turned orange.

So yeah, fun times to start panicking about a global water crisis. Today it got worse though. Woke up, went outside to let my dog do her business, and the fucking grass is gray, and I’m talking like, dark gray.

You can imagine my surprise, and the almost heart attack I have when I see that, and the even bigger worry when my roommate came out and saw the same thing I was. I knew that the thing with the water was happening again, but I didn’t really wanna admit it until we saw the news covering it.

I locked myself in my room after seeing the stuff on the news, mainly because I do not know what the fuck I’m supposed to do here. The government apparently doesn’t know what’s going on, and I haven’t had anything to drink in the past 24 hours because anything with water is potentially dangerous, and now I’m afraid of even going outside.

I’ve also started to see these replacement colors in other things too, like my TMNT poster suddenly having gray fucking turtles instead of green ones, and Leonardo having an orange mask instead of blue. I don’t know what the hell is going on, but it’s scaring me, and even writing this stuff down is making me even more worried. I should just stop.

December 8th

Was blood always Black?

We’re going fucking insane.

I cut myself on a rough piece of a table we have in our apartment today, and my roommate looked and me weirdly, because I was bleeding fucking black.

Not just like dark gray black, no no, that would make some semblance of sense. No, I was bleeding literal vantablack blood, and I freaked out because of it. Like, freaked out to the point of almost having a mental fucking breakdown. Thankfully my roommate calmed me down enough to test out what was going on.

Sure enough, he was bleeding black too, which just made me want to panic even more. Then, as per usual, we go to check the TV and see the news, and the funniest thing happens.

Our TV was always old, so in the past couple days when it would lose part of its color or quality, we thought nothing of it. So when we turned on the TV and saw literally nothing on the screen, we were freaking the hell out.

It wasn’t just the TV either, computers, monitors, fucking phones, all of them just gave us a picth black reflection instead of fucking working. We couldn’t call anyone, we couldn’t see if this was happening to other people, so logically we went outside to see if other people in the apartment were going through this too.

We went down the stairs, looking to avoid the gray fucking grass, and saw our neighbors outside as well, kneeling on the grass. My roommate went to go talk to them, and stepped on the fucking grass. Next thing you know, he’s kneeling too, and I’m calling out to him, trying to see what happened.

No response, from him, or my neighbors. Tens of them in the grass, kneeling motionless in it. They didn’t react to me, and I didn’t know what to do or think, other than to stay away from the grass, and the water. Just like the TV told us to do.

I’ve been inside all day, and I’m dying of thirst. I can’t drink anything, or at least, I’m too scared to, and I can’t go out to try and find help; If there is any help out there. I have no way of knowing.


What day is it?

I haven’t gone outside in days, but the sky out my window hasn’t brightened up in days either. It’s been in constant darkness, and I have a feeling that the blue sky was now replaced with a black void, just like everything else.

I can hear things moving around outside sometimes, but from the first time I heard it, I never wanted to go out to check. So I barricaded my apartment, locked the door, pushed a couch in front of it, and hoped to god that it was enough.

Maybe the footsteps were survivors, maybe it was the government. I have no way to tell.

I’m so thirsty.

I can barely even stay awake to write anymore.


Maybe there’s water in the grass.

Maybe that’s why everyone went to it, because there’s clean water there.

Maybe I can get clean water.

All I need to do is push the couch out of the way, and leave.

I hope to god I have the strength.

But I don’t think if god was real, he would be doing this to me.

I don’t think anyone would do this to me.


I’m going outside now.

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