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3 Important Lessons I Learnt From The 3 Best Books I’ve Read

If it weren’t for these books, I would not be doing the things I love right now!

I’ve read many books over the years, and most of them contained knowledge that I had simply forgotten.

However, there are some books that stuck with me and have taught me many lessons about life that I wouldn’t have gained elsewhere.

These are the lessons from those books which I wish to share with you today and hopefully, you will find use in them.

1. Show Your Work by Austin Kleon

This book resonated with me on so many levels as it was one of the main motivational pieces that got me to start writing articles like these.

The book itself is tiny as it’s only about 150 pages long but it made me realise that even if you are not an expert at anything, just the fact that you have any experience at all on a subject matter means you can still share your thoughts and ideas with others because at least one person out there in the world will find that helpful.

Before I started writing I had always had this fear of self-promotion as I never thought before that anyone would care or believe anything I have to say. However, this book opened my eyes and helped me to see that as long as your intentions are pure and you only hope to provide value to others, then no one will despise or mock you for that.

“By letting go of our egos and sharing our process we allow for the possibility of people having an ongoing connection with us”

2. The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

The title of this book simply makes this book look like a scam, but the lessons that Tim teaches really apply in today’s world.

Everyone wants to be rich and wealthy, but if you examine that further, what does all even mean?

Well, rich to some, maybe the ability to travel, or not work as hard. To others, it may be fancy cars and being able to live on a beach in an exotic part of the world.

But what’s interesting is that, as the book explained, most of these things which we had previously thought required millions of dollars to obtain is actually available surprisingly cheaply! And for just a few thousand dollars a month, you can live the rich person lifestyle in cool places like Thailand or Argentina.

In the book, Tim explains that rather than following the conventional wisdom of study hard, go to a good university and get a stable 9 to 5 job, work really hard and make a load of money so that way when you retire you will be happy.

Instead, it’s more about the question of why are we working so hard just to retire when we are in our sixties and have arthritis in both of our knees when instead we can take those 20–30 years of retirement and spread it across our life.

By setting up online businesses and side hustles as the book suggested, you could instead work from home, outsource to other people and generate huge amounts of income similar to that of working in a high-end job.

You may think that this is quite hard to do especially if you have no experience with online entrepreneurship but this doesn’t have to be the case at all as over the years the internet has developed into such a diverse and easy tool to use that anyone can start something small like a blog, online store, marketing business or sell courses to make a living.

Whatever the case, if you want to look for more inspiration on this topic, I have written an article all about it on my page.

3. Never Split The Difference by Chris Voss

Now this book is a bit different compared to the other books mentioned but yet in another sense has become so so helpful in my life.

This book is all about negotiating and how to win any negotiation, and all the tips and tricks it teaches in this book are just astronomical.

The author Chris Voss who is an FBI kidnapping negotiator talks through and teaches all the techniques he has learnt over the years that have enabled him to win some of the most high-stakes negotiations.

Not only has the book made me become a better negotiator, but it has also taught me the importance of staying calm during even the most stressful of situations and the darkest of times.

It’s one thing being able to win an argument, but what is even better is to help the other person to understand your thoughts lead them to see for themselves why your idea is better.

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