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Why You Need To Learn To Code If You Don’t Already!

It’s not all just algorithms and maths!

Photo by Joshua Reddekopp on Unsplash

If you aren’t a nerd like me, then learning to code is probably the last thing on your bucket list!

You probably thought that to be able to code, you need extremely good maths skills and have superintelligence! However, what a lot of beginners don’t know is that even extremely talented programmers rely heavily on Google, YouTube, and online forums to even have the slightest chance of completing a project!

I know, I didn’t believe it either as especially Hollywood portrays hackers and programmers as superhumans who type out code at the speed of light and are able to break into banks and steal government information from the Pentagon within minutes, all while sitting in their bedroom, wearing a dark hoodie!

Reality can oftentimes be disappointing, but what this really means is that now, in 2021, it is extremely easy to get started and learn right away! Especially as there are thousands upon thousands of videos and tutorials online that can make coding a relatively enjoyable experience!

Why should I learn to code?

It’s 2021 now, and being computer illiterate just won’t cut it anymore, especially as technology changes so fast!

Having the ability to code opens you up to a whole world of possibilities from making apps and games to developing a whole career based around software engineering and design!

For me personally, learning to code started as just a hobby as I was simply curious about how the insides of a computer functioned! Slowly, over time, I got to know the various programming languages and started learning Java!

Looking back now, that probably wasn’t the best language to start my programming journey but because of the high level of difficulty of that specific language, I quickly got used to it and learning the fundamentals became much easier!

If you are starting out now, then jumping into the deep end like me probably isn’t the best way to go about learning something new and instead an easier language like Python probably would’ve been more appropriate!

Don’t get me wrong though, Java is still great but since jumping onto Python, I have gained a decent bit of knowledge which allowed me to secure 2 clients which I now tutor coding to for a living!

On the subject of making a living, we will also see a large change in business operations as many will be moving to the online space!

With website builders charging hundreds of dollars for premade templates and themes, there is a big shift towards people coding up their own websites and adding functionality that had not previously existed!

Armed with some knowledge of HTML and CSS — two very popular coding languages, you could have the skills to set up your own online business to run from anywhere in the world!

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