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Lessons from the Sea Turtles 

The time in which the seafaring creatures washed ashore, I too had found my way to the place in which the warm sand beneath my bare feet provided comfort from the cold breeze that comes along after a time in the water.

From a distance I watched the slow yet rhythmic movements of the colossal beasts dragging their weight across the beach as the sun began to go down. Slowly, the warmth beneath became a gentle cool, pleasant to the touch, making all living things in that beach brisk with it. To the tune of the earth, everything around me had become quiet, nothing but the rustling and dragging of the sand. An army preparing to deposit their treasured wares beneath the sands, which in due time will become old and wise such as they are now.

I too desire to be old and wise. From the beginning of their journey and their life, to the end, these giants are a window to something more than just a cycle. A window to a world filled with many secrets and only revealed to those with a proper and willing heart to listen and open their eyes. 

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