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The direction of sunlight and photography.

The next two photographs will illustrate the effect of what is called backlighting and front lighting.

When we say backlighting, the light is from the sun exactly opposite to that of the direction of the camera. So, in the above photo, you are seeing the branch of a tree in the form of what is called silhouette, where the structure is not visible but only the black outline is visible. There are many types of photographs where backlighting is used to get this particular effect.

The same photo was taken from the same location but after 12 hours! That is, the sunlight is exactly 180° opposite to the previous one. Now observe the direction of lighting is along the direction of the camera. That means there will be direct lighting on the object. It gives complete structural details compared to the earlier branch of the tree where the sky background was only appealing. So this is a very important set of two photos clearly illustrating the effect of the direction of sunlight in outdoor photography.

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