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Family Time

“Honey I thought you would be happy that I decided to change jobs and spend more time with the family, but neither you nor the kids seem that thrill to have me around more.”

“Of course, we are happy to have you around more. It just takes time to adjust.”

“I had this new job for over 3 months. How much more time do you need to adjust?”

“Carl you are being ridiculous. I don’t know why you always want to start a fight with me. I have to get ready for work. We can talk about this at another time.”

“Look Sharon I’m sorry. I don’t want to fight with you. I will see you when you get home tonight. Have a great day.”

“You have a great day too.”

They kissed and Sharon heads out the door to go to work. Carl walks into the kitchen and sees his two teenage children Bobby and Skye having breakfast.

“Hi, guys. Are you both ready for school?”

“Good Morning Dad,” they both say in unison.

“How about tonight we all go out to the movies, maybe I can get your Mother to join us too.”

“Sorry Dad, but I have basketball practice tonight,” Bobby stated.

“I can’t make it either Dad. I have a date with John tonight,” Skye replied.”

“You kids always seem so busy. Maybe we can get together another night.”

“Sure Dad. We better get to school.”

“Have a good day kids.”

“Bye Dad,” they both say in unison.

Carl sits in his empty house and wonders to himself why his family never wants to spend any time with him. He looks at the time and realizes it is time for him to head off to work.

Later that evening

Carl is in the driveway of his home. Most days he is home from work before his wife and kids.

“Back home to an empty house and good old TV dinner,” Carl thought to himself.

When Carl came into the house it wasn’t empty after all. Sharon and the kids were all home.

“What are you guys doing home so early? Sharon, I thought you would still be at work, Bobby you had basketball practice, and Skye don’t you have a date tonight.”

“After our little talk this morning, I decided to leave work early and I ask the kids to also come home early so we could spend some time together as a family.”

“Honey that’s all I ever really wanted is to spend time with you and the kids. That was the main reason I left my old job because it kept me away from you guys so much.”

“Carl the kids and I love you. We have just been so caught up in doing our own things that we haven’t had time for one another. That needs to change. I think from now on we should have at least one night a week that is dedicated to just the family.”

“I love that idea Sharon. How do you kids feel about that?”

“I guess one night a week won’t be so bad,” Bobby said.

“I’m cool with family night too, besides I will be off to college next year and to be honest I’m going to miss you guys,” Skye said.

“I think this calls for a group hug,” Carl said.

They all hug each other, and decide that they would go out to dinner and then catch a movie.

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