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“Never Knew”

So many reasons to be afraid

I think I just about gave up

until you came.

A leap of faith and beyond is what it takes

to make a victim stay,

Never knew love without conflagration;

it’s a new flame with the promise of pain

Pray this

doesn’t blow up in my face.

Of the greatest passions I’ve known

there’s a thin line between love and hate.

Never knew you would let me down

until you saw me as unreasonable

when all I wanted to do

was to turn this…

into something real.

Another lover is all you will be.

If the substance of your words

could match just one moment of our time together

love would be fertile ground

away from the quagmire of your lies.

Never knew I could fall

with a precedent set

that I could never know a love so strong –

if it were only in your arms I belonged.

Never knew why you were so resistant

never knew a feeling so unrequited

all of it leading

to your leaving tonight. 

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