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Storms That Are Not Our Own

Pen & Ink & Watercolour “Settling Within The Storm” By Jenny Dwyer 12/2016

A Storm;

Sucker punched in my solar plexus.

Placed under the skin after the cut with surgical precision.

Cold blast of old resentments - misplaced

Conflicting loyalties;

Rigid- choosing only one path - that does not “include”

It is the fly in your face smile that reeks of “Gotcha!.”

Again, and again, and again.

Ah, but I see you even with one eye no less.

Children Amidst Conflicts and storms that were not our own;

Old, old, resentments toward each other.

We embraced them in lieu of what? “nothing?”

The predictability (like seasons) is like the precision of the cut; expected,


Down to the very words; Oh and the Annual timing of it all! So clever of you Touche!

It would be bearable if I thought you were made of wood?

Perhaps not.

Storms that were not our own.

I plant my feet arms outstretched braced and ready for the cold blast of air.

I experience a gentle lifting;

Escaping and muting its power over


Storms that were not our own.

Respectfully Submitted,


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  1. Deep! I write things that are more literal… is it permitted for a fellow writer to ask, what is the “blast of cold air”? In high school they would have made us analyze it even if it wasn’t what you meant! :-O Haha.

    1. I don’t mind you asking at all. Thank you for reading it! And experiencing its depth.
      The blast of cold air is the next incisive, action by this other person. Keeping their anonymity safe. Only they could self identify; but only if they had a bit more insight to get past our “past”
      My goal of the the poem (if I were to have one) would be to “walk” us through a reconciliation together. With what I have “words” strung together in a way that helps me to understand.
      Sometimes one has to do that by one’s self. To get past it. That I think is the power of writing out these stories in any form.

        1. Ask anytime about anything I write.
          Yes it beats engaging in conflict and keeps a modicum of peace.
          Even with those who deny all that was, is, and forever will be ha!
          Writing in prose is very handy in many arenas.
          You can obfuscate and still get things off your chest and move forward; Hopefully less hurt?
          The power of the pen.

        1. The word that popped in my head today was “antidote”
          Another reader on Medium read the poem and took away a message with regard to the times we find ourselves in. “Storms that are not our own”

          1. Yes, antidote as a concept works. And certainly, we find ourselves in storms that are not our own, as well as storms we cause for ourselves.

  2. This is incredibly powerful. Resentments – predictability – the impact on others. The storms “not our own” that often drive us onto paths we did not choose. Love this!

    1. Yes, and another reader here pointed out (quite aptly) that we have STORMS of our own making. Much more in this piece than even I initially wrote and read. I have and always look at “My Part” in these dilemmas of life. I am not just having a “Pity Party.” ha!
      I have tried for years to step down from the specific one I write about. I have a very soft “underbelly” and attachment to this person. I am trying to “rise” above.
      Another friend told me, if you are the only one doing the “Heavy” lifting in a relationship…..well?

      1. Your friend is offering sound advice – you can stop lifting and move on – that, too, is more difficult than it sounds, though. I’ve learned fairly recently to look at my own part in any storm I’m in – and then take stock of what I can do rather than expecting others to do things to ease my journey.

        1. I had a very skilled therapist (I am the only one in my family if origin who BBC doughy advice)
          Tell me; All toads lead to Rome.”
          They do and I can only change me. Once I really got this; the change was phenomenal.
          Thanks for the reply.