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Dance the night away

Hours and hours of training I’ve had,

To do a special job,

I am what they call a service dog,

Excuse me while I pull this knob,

Maggie is my special friend,

She is in a metal chair,

Excuse me I will be right back,

She needs a brush for her hair,

See Maggie’s legs don’t work real well,

She had an accident when she was nine,

Was hurt real bad in a swimming pool,

They said she broke her spine,

That’s when I came to live here,

So glad they needed me,

Sounds like she’s having a problem,

Hang on let me go see,

It was really nothing,

Just her spoon hit the floor,

Then she wanted to go outside,

So I opened up her door,

I came here to live eight years ago,

Everyone was so upset,

Once everything settled down,

They were the nicest people I ever met,

Maggies getting her hair done today,

I’ve been there before,

That’s the place where people get their toes scrubbed,

And there’s hair all over the floor,

Her mom is taking us down there,

Theres some kind of event tonight,

I will just tag along behind and

Try to stay out of sight,

Lots of people at the hair place today,

Something must be up,

The sign on my back says dog at work,

Dont try to pet this pup!

Finally we are out of there,

One more place to go,

She’s picking up a really pretty dress,

And a tie shaped like a bow,

I am glad Maggie’s smiling today,

She had been a bit down,

Amazing how a mani/pedi,

Can wipe away a frown!!!

Finally back home I’ll get that door,

Can I help with anything else?

Yes I remember where your phone is,

I will get it off that shelf,

I heard her talking to her friends,

About where they would meet,

I think she has a date tonight,

She didn’t ok that with me!

I’ll admit it I am jealous,

I worry about my girl,

I’ve always taken care of her,

She really is my world,

Everyone is meeting here tonight,

I can’t wait to meet this guy,

He better be really nice to her,

Or I’ll give him a black eye!

All her friends are here now,

They’re all with their dates,

Maggies guy is nowhere to be found,

I figured he would be late,

Then they started taking pictures,

In front of the old willow tree,

She pulled out that tie shaped like a bow,

Then she put it on ME!!

That made me so happy,

Look how handsome I am mom,

Me and my precious Maggie,

Are going to the prom!

I danced every dance that night,

With Maggie she’s my girl,

She may never walk again,

But she’s the best dancer in the world!

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