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A Princess’s Lament

did you believe in happy endings,
or was I the only one to kneel
at the throne of grand love affairs?

how did you ever make it out intact
when you were slaying dragons
all while wearing a second skin of armor?

your crown was what I wanted,
or so I thought, ever indisposed
to longing and fancies too big for me

the charm and dance of it all –
thinking that’s what I really wanted –
when nothing would sway you my way

passion plays and roles we donned,
we were quite the pair, weren’t we,
ever so caught up in others’ stories?

your kiss was what I craved, perhaps,
or maybe I spelled myself into believing
you were both my want and my need in one

all the dresses, all the candlelit rooms we walked,
every appraisal of how we melded to one another
in motions we had practiced since childhood

what did you see in me, I would like to know,
or was I just a picture you liked from afar
and you pointed, going, “that one, please”?

true love – how you might have mocked it,
and maybe I did too, once, before we met –
but wouldn’t it be such an adventure to take?

you stand there, unreachable, a prince
with no one to call his own after all –
but I think I might want to call you mine

maybe a curse will bring us together,
or perhaps a witch will try to separate us –
no matter, really, since it’s all the same story

but you are the one variable still in flux,
ever so quiet and so restrained,
and I wonder if you’ll ever see me as I am

[Image Credit: Bùi Thanh Tâm on Unsplash]

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