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Almost a Month – Weightmare Week 4

Decent results over three-plus weeks

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

I started logging my journey on April 9, so I still have one week to go to reach a month. I used Monday to track my week-to-week changes, and this is the fourth Monday since I began.

What happened last week?

Remember that as you lose weight, you’ll still experience ups and downs. One of the things I’ve known for quite some time is that it’s much easier to go up than down. And it takes longer, usually, to get back down after you’ve gone up.

Twice during the week I saw increases. The first one was immediate, a 1.3 pound increase from Monday’s eating (around 1700 calories) and limited movement. It took two days to remove that jump. However, I was able to swim beginning Tuesday for the first time this year. I mean, I could have gone to another pool that was heated, but for the one nearest me, I had to wait until the water warmed up enough.

I continually see that when I move, at my current calorie levels (not severe by any means), I lose weight, or maintain. Toward the end of the week I saw another bump of 0.4 pound, but this was easily overcome the following day.

Overall, I ended the week losing 1.7 pounds. I’ve lost 6.1 pounds so far, in just over three weeks. So that’s about two pounds a week. I consider that pretty good for not restricting calories that much. My intake has typically been between 1400 and 2000 a day.

It takes commitment to keep losing weight. It takes maintaining a good attitude, even in the face of the bumps that come as your body adjusts to what you are doing. As many have said, the body wants to survive. If it thinks you’re starving it, it will respond to save itself.

I’ll post another update next month, maybe on June 9th, as that will be two months after I actually began marking my weight, rather than waiting for a Monday. In the meantime, look for more articles on what I’m eating and what I think about food. Most of those articles will be on Medium.

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