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Reacher: My Final Thoughts on the Series

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Enjoyable and entertaining, but with a few drawbacks

I finished the Reacher series on Amazon Prime a while ago and reflected on the experience before deciding to share my impression of the whole body of work.

I enjoyed the series, and after watching only one episode per day for the first few days, I watched multiple episodes in one sitting to finish the show. So it had a little pull, though nothing like The Wire or Goliath or Bosch.

His Thoughts

As has been mentioned elsewhere, one issue, which also showed up in the movies, is that in the book, Reacher explains a lot through his thoughts. In the series and movies, that is translated into him speaking those thoughts to the other characters. This makes the dialogue very odd and, in many cases, jarred me out of the action into the exposition.

I think it would have been better to have him do voice-over so the viewer understands how he knows things, without him revealing that knowledge to the other characters except when asked.


There were gratuitous scenes throughout, mostly of violence, but at least one of nudity. I understand that this is normal for Hollywood, but I’d have to go back and read the story this was based on to see if he actually engaged in sex with any of his female characters. (I don’t recall that he did, but since it’s a commercial bestseller, I find it hard to trust my memory.) The violence seemed to me to match the novels.

Stupidity and Other Things

Another disappointment in the series was how slow the other characters were in their thinking. When something becomes obvious to the viewer, it should be obvious to at least one of the other characters besides Reacher. The supporting cast just didn’t seem all that smart. At all.

The villains were mostly cardboard cutouts.

And the young Reacher, to me, was too small and thin compared to what I read in the short story.

In Summary

But overall, I enjoyed the series and look forward to the next season. I’d put it on par with the Jack Ryan series, another expansion from a movie franchise. Entertaining, but not quite the draw of the top level series I mentioned above.

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