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“She’s not going to come out,” Sam said in a low tone as he rummages through the inside pockets of his black suit. He pulls out a cigarette places it in his mouth and lit one end with his lighter before leaning back on his chair and started smoking.

“She will,” Ben answered softly, looking at one of the 2nd floor windows of the apartment across the café he and Sam was in. They were seated on a small coffee table outside, underneath the shade of a huge umbrella, guarding them from the scorching summer sun.

“If only it would rain,” Ben spoke again.

“I’m sure that’s even less likely to happen, my friend,” Sam chuckled before taking another hit on his cigarette. “Not with this heat.”

Ben silently kept his gaze on the same window, trying to catch a glimpse of something or someone.

“Look here, Ben,” Sam said before stopping to take another hit. “You knew you had a year left. You could have been with her every single day, make happy memories. Make every second count up to the last.”

“What’s your point?” Ben asked irritated, though not at Sam’s question but at the looming possibility that he won’t be able to see Talia today.

“Why didn’t you?”

Ben took a deep breath before facing Sam.

“I didn’t want to leave her in pain. Sure I would have left her with happy memories. Every moment would have been great up to the last second, but then what would the seconds after that will be for her? And then the days after that? The weeks? The months? I know now how short life is and I don’t want to see her waste even a minute of her time crying over me instead of living her life. That’s why I started being cold to her, made her feel that I was losing my love for her, made her realize I was unworthy of her until she chose to let go, cause I know by that time, being apart from me will not hurt as much as it would probably do now.”

Ben stood up from his chair and walked out of the umbrella’s shade leaving Sam speechless and in wonder. He then looked up at the clear blue sky and let out a sigh before returning his gaze back at the apartment window.

“If only it would rain.” He repeated what he said earlier.

“Why is it important that it rains?” Sam asked, looking bewildered.

“She loves it,” Ben replied smiling, recalling the first time he met Talia. It was at the same street in front of them, just outside her apartment. It was pouring down hard, when he came across her, standing on the sidewalk, arms spread wide, her head tilted backwards and her eyes closed. The look of enjoyment she had was clear as each rain drop hits her face. From that moment on, he was smitten. He asked her about it a month after and she said that the rain calms her and makes her feel loved. It’s as if every rain drop was a kiss from the heavens.

“You humans really are a complicated lot,” Sam said as he finished his cigarette. He then stood up, flicked the cigarette butt and walked to Ben’s side. “Look, if you wanted to see her, we can just go up there, and I’ll give you a few minutes alone with her.”

“No, it has to rain. The last thing I want to see is that vision again of her smiling under a down pour, being kissed by rain drops only this time, they are from me.”

Sam looked at Ben and couldn’t help but get a little swayed by the determination in his eyes. He sighed, raised his left hand up and snapped his fingers.

The blue sky quickly turned ash gray, followed by a sudden flash of lightning and a roar of thunder. And then a rain drop fell. And then another. And then two more. And then thousands fell as the sky began to weep. Ben looked up and smiled. As he returned his gaze to the street across, he saw a thick crowd of people scurrying in every direction, caught off guard by the sudden change in the weather, trying to take cover. As the crowd thinned, he sees a familiar red-haired beauty, standing under the rain, just like when he first met her, smiling as she takes in all the “kisses that Ben had sent her”.

“Thank you,” Ben told Sam teary-eyed taking one last hard long look at the woman he loves.

“Well I was told to do what is necessary to ensure that I take you back with me without any regrets so, it’s nothing,” Sam replied sounding casually as he placed his arms over Ben’s shoulder.

After a few minutes the falling rain thinned down slowly up to a halt. Sam looks at his watch and reads the time. It was now 5pm. He turns to Ben and asked him if he is now ready to go.

Ben wiped his eyes cleaned, let out a deep exhale before replying, “One last rain drop.”

Sam smiled and snapped his fingers again, this time softly.

A lone rain drop fell and landed on Talia’s forehead, representing Ben’s final kiss to her. Talia felt it too as tears suddenly fell from her eyes as a memory of Ben’s face crossed her mind.


In a hospital somewhere within the city, a doctor was desperately trying to revive a patient. A man who, after a year of battling a terminal illness, had finally succumb to it. It was evident as the sound of him flat-lining filled the room.

“Let’s call it in,” he finally said.

“Time of death?” the recording nurse asked.


“Patient’s name?”

“Ben Miller.”

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