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The power of self-awareness

 Imagine living in a world where you have no sense of self actions. The road ahead is tough but highly rewarding. You will keep making the same mistakes, you will never own your actions, you will not understand time, patience, or empathy, and you will pursue experiences that lack true meaning. Self-awareness is the foundation of great leadership, true happiness, and inner success. However, self-awareness is a mature trait. We can learn to become more self-aware, and by doing so, learn how to be stronger communicators and see life from a healthier vanishing point.

Benefits of being self-aware

  • Know what you like and don’t like
  • You understand long-term gratification
  • Achievement disorder (anger, jealousy, resentment, sadness) lasts no more than a few minutes, you can identify your own and others’ emotions
  • Your behavior is governed by circumstances
  • You rely on your preferences and do not succumb to unusual impulses
  • You understand that competition is healthy and an essential part of life, it provides order and mental toughness
  • You realize your life is your fault(successes and failures)
  • you actively solve your problems
  • You see the value in becoming a more likable and stronger communicator
  • You accept that consistency is required to thrive
  • You understand that structure is not a bad thing, but a necessity for a clear mind and soul

There are almost endless benefits of being self-aware. Try to always take time to reflect and learn from your actions. Like in a movie or book when it ends you search for the morality of that story, do the same for your life phases.

Tips on how to become self-aware

  • Record your emotions: write down how you feel and why
  • Make a “satisfaction” list of activities in your life that make you feel fulfilled, and those that don’t
  • List your values ​​(independence, time with family, growing business, mindfulness, exercise, healthy eating, growth, adventure, etc.), be sure to create a life where you nurture these values regularly.
  • Don’t deceive yourself
  • Seek feedback from people you trust
  • Remember compound effects, every action/reaction results in a new action
  • Check yourself in regularly: Are you happy, content, fulfilled, or are you undervalued, under-performing, and unhappy with yourself
  • Break down your day: Write down 3 ways to succeed today and improve tomorrow, with 2–3 small intentions
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