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Slice of Life – Monedita de Oro

Slice of life. What is this? Think of it as a blurry snapshot of an event in your life. It is a segment of your personal history, a verbal picture which pulls back the curtains on a specific scene. It allows the reader to look through the limitations of the frame. There is no future nor past in a slice of life piece.

Far different than a short story there may be no beginning, no build up, and no climax. This may be true, that in the very viewing of the event produces a short story.

It may not be poetry, but it can be. Particularly if an event in your life produces a prose poem. In this the fading of grammatical structure softens into the flow of verse.

Remember slice of life is not a technical drawing of an event. It is a impressionist‘s view of that event. The event is filtered through your experiences, the distortion of your memory, the way the scene affects you emotionally — viscerally.

This is how it should be. Slice of life is a look, a glimpse, that leaves a touch of your heart on the heart of your reader. The impressions that you give in the writing will open the heart of the reader to see what you have seen. Note though, what resounds with one reader will not with another.

This is the same as when we go to an art museum — one painting will attract us to sit and think about it — meditate on it. Whereas another, will impress us little or in some case will fill us with loathing.

In thinking of this you should remember the Spanish proverb:

No soy monedita de oro pa’ caerles bien a todos

Literally: I am not a little gold coin that everyone will want to pick up.

But for those that you touch, you will be just that — A read that they will want to pick up!

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