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What Level Is YOUR Professional Pursuits?

Now, Humans, what level is your professional pursuits - Referring to the work that you do?

How do you feel about the work that you do?

👎🏾 LEVEL #1 - Do you DISLIKE your work?

When you feel that you are ONLY going through the motions, rather, it’s a good or challenging day. Basically, you have no form of attachment to what you do, and money is the ONLY focus.

👍🏾 LEVEL #2 - Do you LIKE what you do?

When you enjoy the good days, but DISLIKE, and even question the challenging ones.

❤️ LEVEL #3 - Do you LOVE your work?

When you cherish the good days, and you learn and grow from the challenging ones.

❤️‍🔥 LEVEL #4 - Are you connected to your PASSION, within your work?

When you feel blessed to even have a challenging day, let alone a good one because you know this is part of a bigger plan for your life. Overall, you breathe, you eat, you drink, and you live what you do.

🥰 LEVEL #5 - Do you believe your PURPOSE is being fulfilled through your work?

When you know that even on your worst day, you wouldn’t change what you do, for something easier, more interesting, or less stressful. Because it’s embedded in you to be at this highest level of YOU.

But if you are not at the level that you desire to be, what changes do you need to see?

How can we make our wildest dreams a reality?

Now, let me leave you with this:

Rather you like, love, or feel like you are just simply getting by, always put your best foot forward into everything that you pursue. Because you never know if what you currently do, is setting you up for a marvelous blessing to seep through.

Until Next Time, My Humans.

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