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The Queen of Hearts (A Poem)

She writes poetry like she breathes

She thinks as much as she eats

She’s made of a certain magic

She doesn’t always know it


She knows how many want her

She also knows few truly know her

The princess inside the queen

With her there’s no in-between


She wasn’t born of blue blood

She has a rather modest name

The kind you hear in a Fellini film

But make no mistake

The heavens made her earn the crown

With so many years

Of ups and downs


So when you ask why I raise a glass

To the queen in the mirror

She knows few know her

Not just her likes and dislikes

Her birthday, favourite colour, and song

So few truly know her mind

She just wants to belong

Sadly, she’s one of a kind


So when you ask why I raise a glass

To the queen in the mirror

Just flip the pages in this book

You’ll see her heart, take a second look

“The Queen of Hearts”, K. Lafayette,

 March 3rd 2018, 12:35am


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