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Lost Islanders in the Devil’s Triangle, Under Seige

Sharks were now thrashing through the ocean water that surrounded the people Cara loved. The very people who had just accepted her and taken her in. And it was all her fault.

How did she get here? Exploitation and blackmail — that was how. Someone, an evil someone named Septus Blackwell, had found out her darkest secret and threatened to expose her if she didn’t disclose the island’s location. The very same location where the girl she loved resided.

They’d been a hunted community, you see. They had been living blissfully distant from society for months now. But someone found out about the island, and about the people who had disappeared into the Devil’s Triangle all those months ago. Word must’ve gotten around.

It clearly reached Blackwell, the man who’d just had his men dump gallons of fish blood into her friends’ spearfishing waters, right when he knew they’d be out in the open. He wanted to change the island, to pollute it. He wouldn’t stop until he reached it, and eliminated any complications along the way.

Cara felt completely defeated. She could never let her secret get out, no matter what. She just…couldn’t. All she could do now was listen to the loud thrashing of large, aggressive sharks all around her as her heart sunk.

Emily had trusted her, convinced the others to let her join them much after they’d discovered this place. They were always wary of newcomers, but she’d vouched for Cara from the beginning. And Cara had just led their biggest enemy right to their backyard.

Even if they survived, they’d never let her back in. It was over. She couldn’t help but wonder now if her secret was worth everything she’d just lost, but it was too late now.

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