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The Final Page – Part 5 Series Overview

A journey through the history (and future?) of books

The Final Page is an exploration of writing through history and the future. Join me on a journey through space and time as we explore the creative evolution of writing. The Final Page series was created in part as assessment towards my Master of Arts (Writing) – Original title: The Last. Each fictional story is accompanied by the evidence and opinions that inspired its creation.

Join me on this brief five-part journey through the history (and future?) of books. It’s not thorough, but I hope it will be fun! In each installment, a short story presents ideas from a fictional character in their own time as a reflection of their past. Then, I present and explain the inspiration behind the story including a little research. Technology and advancements are continuous and change is a constant theme. Through it all, this serves as a reminder of the calm beauty a book can bring.

Perhaps you’ll find here that the history of books is longer than you once thought or perhaps you’ll find a new respect for the longevity and continued significance of books as something you can always enjoy and appreciate. No matter your preferred method of reading absorption, books hold magic that has inspired us through the ages. Will eBooks mean the end of hardcopy books? Some say it is inevitable, others vehemently oppose the very thought. I believe that one need not suffer at the rise of the other; both can survive as two different mediums offering different experiences, yet providing the same nutrition of mind. Reading, and books in general, transcend culture, religion, geography, financial status, etc. Whatever form books take in the future, just as in the past, they shall still be valid and essential for connection.

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Part 5

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