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lack of patience was his flaw

I was watching a game of basketball, from our high school’s second floor building, to the court below, when she came towards me. I could see from the way she was looking at me, how she was moving towards me, that she wanted to speak to me. But I wasn’t interested in speaking to her. Her brother and I had had a verbal fight over a chair I had been sitting on before kick-off.

Had to look around our school’s second floor’s corridor to ensure that she and I were safe from her brother’s steely eyes. But thankfully so, he wasn’t there. He was a hard-boiled man who didn’t take kindly to my jokes.

Had earlier watched a smirk developing on his face, moments after I had refused to hand him my chair. No one loves losing any contest like he does. He truly likes to win his battles. His only flaw is his lack of patience. Her brother had lost intellectual battles with me but, had won dating battles with from me and most of his friends. I didn’t hang around much with his friends after school.

He was very far from being studious. But was an extrovert who loved people’s attention. Out of our classrooms nerds top ten I came out forth but, I still didn’t seem to make any sense to his sister. I prayed to God in the name of Jesus and asked to be given more wisdom but, it all seemed to be in vain as; class after class I found myself coming fourth or even further down our top ten lists.

My very own brother had warned me to never step out of our classroom’s top ten list come end of the year. I couldn’t make sense of what he was telling me. Lisa came towards me just when we were about to go into class, five minutes before the siren rang.

She put her hands around my waist a tight squeeze. Having been a virgin at that moment, I couldn’t bring myself to understand why she chose me over scores of pupils who had been watching basketball, or why she had decided that my waist needed to be squeezed. I was blind in love then. My only approach on women was winking and buying their love. After she wantonly decided to give my waist her tight-squeeze, I turned around and looked at her.

She asked me; ‘So, you’d like to be in on me or on other men?’

‘To be in on you.’ I replied.

Minutes quickly fell off my wristwatch’s hands like they were my stained white school shirt.

‘You must be in on men,’ she continued. My evidence is your greasy hair, a nose and earrings.’

‘I’m not in on men, okay?’

‘Alright. If I were to stop having doubts about who you’re, you’ll have to go show me your true self afterschool.’

A siren signalling the end of an hour-long lunch rang. I found myself not knowing what to do because she and I were beginning to develop some chemistry. We walked hand in hand into our classroom and I still baffled by what was happening to us. She was making inviting gestures.

I could swear that come afterschool I was going to be in trouble if not big trouble. I looked around just after we had entered our classroom. Her brother’s steely eyes were on us.

‘I guess he’s still angry with me about what had happened between us earlier on,’ I told her.

‘Of course,’ she agreed. My brother takes too long to forgive. It’ll be for the best if you can go to him now and ask for his forgiveness or else, our afternoon date might get to be spoiled.’

I walked on towards him.

He got off his desk and walked outside our classroom. I knew he was the type who didn’t have much time or respect for me and or, our teachers. A type who could just go light up a cigarette at the corner of gentlemen’s only toilets.

‘Hello,’ I greeted him. “It wasn’t my intention to disrespect you earlier. I just wanted to keep my chair. That’s all.’

‘Your chair?’ he replied.

‘Yes, mine.’

‘There’s no one’s chair in this school’s premises. All chairs belong to the Department of Education which is of our state. Do you get my point?’


‘Sweet. What are you doing with my sister or to be frank, what do you want to do to her?’

‘Nothing, man. She and I are just friends.’

‘Friends who publicly cuddle?’

‘Yes. Why not?’

‘Because she’s my sister. ‘

‘I love your sister. Is it wrong for me to love her?’

‘Not at all. I’m her big brother and I just want to make sure she’s fine.’


‘Get out of here. The teacher is coming. I can hear his footsteps.’

‘Aren’t you coming to class?’

‘It’s a free period.’

‘There’s nothing like that. It had been phased out a long time ago.’

After I walked from him into the inside of our classroom, I saw our classroom’s teacher speaking to him. Most learners heard those exchanging words and didn’t seem to like it. He refused to get inside the classroom and was told to come take his bag and leave.

He was still required to stand before our school’s assembly the following day to tell learners what the lesson was her exchange of words between him and our class teacher was all about, what punishment he felt should be meted on him by our school’s governing body.

His sister lied to their parents that she had went to a choir practise while she had spent the entire afternoon pleasing me. We were trembling after her father vowed a week wouldn’t pass before he had went to go visit both our principal and our class teacher. Only for him to later invite me for dinner at their household where he asked me to treat her well.

I felt happy while sitting with the family I never thought I might one day get to be sitting with. He had been sent to the principal’s office, suspended from all of our school’s activities for a month. Watching him twiddling his thumbs at home, aimlessly walking about our community’s streets, hanging at market places in town and our community’s corner shops hurt. I tried to convince him to come join us at the choir but she refused.

I wished him the best but my best seemed not enough. When he accused me of being the reason he got expelled from high school, I began to doubt if he and I would ever make amends. His sister told me not to worry myself about anything in the world, including her brother but ensure that she and I got to always be good. I had wanted him to come join us at the choir not to have him belittled or heckled, or to show that I can play a part in his and his sister’s lives.

Like he had told her countlessly when I wasn’t around at their family home and he felt like giving her a piece of his mind. When I got asked to be our community’s choir conductor, he had become a wayward chap who had sought to join a gang so that he could be able to teach our teacher and our school’s principal some lessons in love and relationships. How he got that much wiser in a split second, I thought to myself that it had to be a story for another day.

A Hollywood movie blockbuster, an adventures or a sitcom. He and I might not have been the best of friends but he beginning to hang around a bad crowd gave me sleepless nights. His father had sent my girlfriend to go look out for him when we got told our school’s teacher, fearing for her life and that of other teachers, called the police on him and his newly-found dodgy friends, after having spotted them lazing about inside some plate less, possibly stolen vehicle under our school’s sports field hours after our afternoon’s School-out bell had been long rung. I asked her sister not to get any closer to the vehicle. She had been told by her brother’s one-time girlfriend what she had heard my future brother-in-law, uncle to me and his sister’s kids sought to do.

When the police vehicles sirens filled the air, I and my girlfriend were about eight hundred meters away from the men inside a possibly stolen vehicle. I asked our school’s security officers to help me block her from heading towards an unforeseen danger zone.

When he and his friends got arrested, his sister was kicking and screaming and calling me; a useless boyfriend she had ever met, I chose to leave her for good. Because though I failed to convince his brother to be good, it was her duty to tell her parents the truth about his brother’s waywardness not me.

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