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6 Tips for life

I’ve only been alive for 33 years but I think I have learned quite a lot thanks to the various experiences life has thrown at me. Here are some tips; use whatever resonates with you.

1. Learn the basics about financing! Look into investments, passive income, and retirement plans. Trust me, the sooner you begin to save for your inevitable future, the better it’ll be. Reaching financial liberty is different for everyone, but still a necessity. 

2. Be the partner you want in your life. This means get to know WHO you are. We all experience change, but there are core values that rarely change in us. Which are the ones that guide your every day life? Identify them, appreciate them, and get to know the beautiful, unique person that you are.

3. Be happy; choose yourself. You are guaranteed to always be with yourself. Might as well enjoy your own company in this case. Tweak your habits, thoughts, and beliefs until you are radiating happiness and peace with yourself. What others think about you is not your problem to deal with. Mind, I’m not saying to hurt others or be inconsiderate in your journey. I’m trying to say that you should live the life YOU want and those who love you will cheer you on.

4. Try new things by say yes more often. This can lead to meeting new people, eating new foods, and doing that thing you always wanted to but never got around to. Try it all! The best way to learn what you love is learning about what you don’t! And you won’t get that knowledge by staying in a rut or your safe place. 

5. Do it with love. My mom tells me every single time: If you’re going to do something, then do it with love. Do it well, but also do it with love. Enjoy as best you can whatever it is you have to do anyway. Change your perspective about the dull, repetitive tasks if you must. Death is inevitable, might as well love as much as you can.

6. Take care of your body. It doesn’t matter what you do to accomplish this, just make sure to do it. Find something that will allow you to move around physically and lift you mentally. If you’re into spirituality, look for something that inspires that in you as well. This is the only body you’re going to have. It’s the gateway to it all: experiences, sensations, emotions, discoveries, etc. Consume food that you love and that your body accepts. Treat yourself with kindness when you notice your imperfections.

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