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Goodbye, My Daughter!


Don’t worry my daughter.

Don’t worry my friend.

You’re swimming in the water.

It is merely the end.

I am no longer your shore;

You are no longer my sheep.

To the ocean, you go

swimming so deep.

Yesterday, we were having dinner.

You playing with the spoon

me yelling at you to finish your food.

Today, the dinner is cold.

No one in the room

not even, your lonely spoon.

It is time for you to grow,

and for me to let go.

I taught you how to swim.

I taught you how to sing.

Now, you swim alone.

of independence, you sing.

My soul is aching.

My heart is beating hard.

It was only yesterday

when I taught you how to stand.

Now, you are walking fast,

not wasting any time.

I am wondering

how could you no longer be mine?

In my womb, you were

a piece of my soul.

Now, another human,

sailing away from home.

The ocean is deep, my daughter,

Please take care.

The Shepard who brought you

will always be there.

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