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Rosemary Gold

The pregnancy that has yet to happen,

she lies curled inside my vacant womb

Her hands moving up against my belly-

The feeling of her hand not there

I shake my head to stop imagining

Her feet moving around in my swollen form

As she re-positions herself for comfort.

I will never say, songs I will not sing

Never feel her move, never say “I love you”

Never feel the pain as she grows

That would make me wish that she was ready.

I’m still free from those responsibilities

When is it right to picture a baby girl?

When is the time to shape another?

The precious thoughts still wait in question

I don’t know how long it has been.

Please stay, my precious thoughts,

Let me live within you, filling me

With Rosemary Gold memories-to-be,

With you, my precious child, as I pretend

To feed her on my breast, for she is mine

That I cannot have, my Rosemary Gold

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