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The Power of the Legendary Wolf

I ran as fast as my paws could possibly go, trying to outrun the memories of my past as I hear their voices still in my head. All the names and things that those people did to me for so long. My paws carried me from the place that did nothing but hurt me, the place that held the people who were supposed to love me but decided rejected me at birth. I’ve been running for weeks, only allowing myself to stop for water and whatever food I could find, which wasn’t much. My whole body hurt from not getting enough food or rest, but my legs hurt the most as I pushed them to go further. The dark, blackening blue sky grew darker and darker, the only things that were seen were the stars in the sky and the moon that slowly rose up, changing from orange to yellow to completely white.

I started to slow down, finally stopping to look around at my surroundings. There were tall, dark trees all around me, standing still as can be, which meant I was still in a forest. My ears pricked as I heard people talking and cars driving by, telling me a town full of people were nearby. Slowly, I walked to the edge of the forest, making sure no one else was around, especially other werewolf shifters. After the coast was clear, I made my way across a gravel road and into someone’s yard. I walked through a few bushes, crouching down as I hid in dark spots where no one could see me.

As I looked down the road, making sure no lights were on and no one was around. My feet walked on their own accord to the sidewalk and started walking down it in search of food. The growling from my stomach making it hard not to think of anything else. At times I would look around here and there, keeping my guard up as I made sure the coast was clear as I walked past trash cans and bags of trash. My nose carefully sniffed the bags and trash cans for something good to eat. After walking halfway down the road, I finally came across something that actually smelled decent.

My nails clicked against the sidewalk as I crept closer to a trash can, sniffing it. It smelled like tacos, perfectly cooked meat, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and sour cream. I hadn’t had a taco in a while. I lifted my paw up against the trash can, making it fall over on the curb of the road and spilling all the garbage out. Carefully, my snout dug and snooped through the trash until I found it, a leftover wrapped up taco. Without hesitation I snatched the taco up in my mouth and started eating it, not even caring that parts of the wrapper were going to be digested with the food. It got gulped down in seconds, leaving no trace of it behind.

I looked through the rest of the trash and found two donuts, rotten old hamburgers, and a steak bone that still had some meat on it. Within minutes of finding everything, it was ate, all but the steak bone with meat on it. It was best to save it for later as a little snack because who knew when I would get a meal like this again. As time passes, I started to walk back down the road and was just a house away from the forest when the house door opened and a woman came out with a medium stuffed animal, shoving it on top of the pile of trash in the silver trash can.

The woman turned around and mumbled under her breath, “Stupid ex-boyfriend.” and walked back inside, slamming the door closed behind her. I waited a few minutes until I was sure she wouldn’t come back out before coming out of my hiding spot and began walking up to the pile of trash, looking at the stuffed animal.

‘Must have been a really bad boyfriend’ I thought to myself.

I moved the stuffed animal with my snout until it flipped over onto the ground, showing what kind of stuffed animal it was. It was a fake stuffed dog, all blond hair with brown eyes, it looked cute. My thoughts stopped for a moment, deciding whether she would care if I took it or not. I’d never had a stuffed plush animal before and I’ve always wanted one. My eyes looked back to the door that the girl had came from. Well if she did want the stuffed animal she wouldn’t have thrown it out, right? So with that thought in mind I grabbed it with my teeth and started walking. The stuffed dog was kind of big in my mouth, so it dragged a little on the ground. I had to stop and get a better grip on it, making sure it wouldn’t drag that much and was easier to carry.

I walked back into the forest and looked around, trying to find a place to sleep. After looking for twenty minutes and not finding much, I walked deeper into the forest and found a small cave. Before I walked into the cave I sniffed around and made sure no other animals were there. The stuffed dog and I settled down in the cave for the night.

As I went in a little bit deeper in the cave, I set the stuffed dog to the side of the cave and settled right next to it, laying my head down on it and feeling its nice, soft and fluffy feel. It felt good against my fur as my eyes started to droop and soon enough they were closed, and I was fast asleep.

Chapter two – Attacked

I woke up to sunlight in my eyes, making me groan in annoyance as I open my eyes. Instantly I shut them from how bright it was, when I open my eyes again, this time slower, my eyes refocus to the lighting.

The sun was high up in the sky, making it shine down on me in rays. The birds were chirping and different noises were all around. It was beautiful, the trees had a glow like state to them, the grass somewhat green and brown with different kinds of colors of flowers. There was a slight wind that made my fur feel wonderful free.

I stood up and stretched, shaking my fur clean of dirt and walking out of the cave. My ears perk up to the sound around me, trying to hear if there was water nearby. To my twitching hears, I heard a very faint sound of rushing water somewhere, deciding whether it was best to leave the cave or not. The decision was made when my mouth kept going dry and considering it’s been a few days since I last had anything to drink, I wonder around until I found the rushing stream. When my eyes set upon the water it looked so good, making my mouth dry all of a sudden along with my throat, I slowly walked to the stream and looked down at it.

As I looked down at the water I found my own reflection, my wolf’s reflection. My eyes glowed pure gold with no whites and only black pupils in the middle, my fur a red and orangish color, as if it was like flames. My ears darker red as they went up. It was as if I was a flame, my body glowing and waves of flames running down it. I had black stripes going down my back left leg and paw. Everything about me was like as if I was on fire, reminding me of the very reasons why my pack rejected and exiled me.

I growled and swiped my paw through the water, splashing and ruining my reflection. Before the water could settle back into its calm original state I turned and ran away from, not caring for the water anymore. My paws moved swiftly over fallen branches and roots, memories came flashing through my mind, making me growl and run faster. Soon I ran to the end of the forest and stopped. The memories had stopped as my body did, but the feelings hadn’t.

With the day becoming less bright out I turned and started walking back, forcing the feelings down, not wanting to feel them ever again. I was almost to the cave when I heard a growl come from somewhere around me. My body froze and became alert as I looked around, not seeing anything I started to walk again. This time being more cautious and keeping my guard up.

I walked until I saw the small entrance of the cave and kept going. Slowly moving around the trees that surrounded the cave entrance, I stopped at the very edge of the trees. The trees made a half open circle around the cave, almost like giving the cave its own yard. When I didn’t hear anything, I stepped forward into the open grass. As soon as I did there was a low deep growl that sounded a lot closer than before.

Everywhere I looked I saw nothing, I couldn’t see anyone. I lowered myself to the ground and growled back in warning, thinking maybe it was just a small animal, like a baby bear or something playing games. When a growl came more powerful and menacing, sending shivers down my spine, fear slowly came forward from within and started to consume me. On its own acord my body bolted into the cave, hoping whatever it was hadn’t seen me and would just go away.

I rushed to the back of the cave and hid with the stuffed dog. As I waited a few minutes, not hearing or seeing anything, I wondered if it was safe to go and check. With more time passing, I got up and decided to go look. All I did was take one step and that one step was the one thing that became a big mistake. A growl emanated from the opening of the cave, making me cower down and stay low. My thoughts raced a mile a minute, hoping to not be seen. The moment I heard footsteps coming closer and closer I knew whoever it was had found me. I couldn’t help the little whimper that escaped my lips causing a small sound in the dead silence.

My eyes kept to the opening of the cave, watching as a wolf appeared. The wolf slowly started coming closer, just a few feet away now. I knew I had no chance of escaping, but I had to try. As I lifted up my body and bent down into a fighting stance, I growled loudly in warning to not to come any closer. For a split moment the wolf stopped, but then growled back and jumped at me. Pushing against the ground with force, I lunged at him and we met in mid-air.

He went for my neck as I went for his. I bit onto his neck first and didn’t let go, pulling backwards and dragging him with me. A growl tore through him as he tried to bite me, but couldn’t. My teeth bit harder, more than likely leaving marks and tearing skin. Shaking my head back and forth I kept trying to rip his neck open. His body moved side to side as I shook him and tore into his skin, the taste of his blood in my mouth. Without even realizing it he bit onto my ear, making me stop and yelp a little in pain, losing part of my grip on his neck. Anger moved through me causing another growl to come out as I shook him harder, feeling his skin rip even more and blood flowing over my lips to the ground.

He bent his head just right to put his teeth across my eye and cheek, leaving teeth marks as my skin tour and blood seeping out to cover my fur in red tint. I let go quickly, but only to get a better grip on him, biting into air tube, blocking the air so he couldn’t breath. He tried to growl, but it came out differently in an odd gurgling sound. I shook him one last time, making him fall and go limp. As the feeling of him going limp, I quickly let go and ran out of the cave, the stuffed animal in my mouth. Why I’m bring it with me is because it’s the only thing I have that’s mine.

The forest was dead silent as I ran. Running as fast as I could with the stuffed animal in my mouth, it wasn’t as fast as I wanted to be, but it would work, well I would make it work. I ran until made it to the stream, crossing it, and shaking off the water and running again.

I heard a growl from a distance, but knew it would be closer soon. My paws pushed further on to run faster, tripping a few times on the stuffed animal, but kept going. I ran into a clearing, seeing its beauty, but not stopping. As I ran past a group of wolves that were just standing and looking at each other I cursed to myself for not looking for others to be here. This wasn’t my territory, I didn’t have a territory.

I heard footsteps behind me, so many of them. A stolen glance back put fear in me as I saw seven wolves chasing after me. Growling in frustration I turned into a barrier of trees, weaving in between them as best I could. I made it a short distance before I was tackled to the ground, the stuffed dog rolling in front of me a few feet away. A growl came from the wolf on top of me and bit down on my neck, leaving marks and dragging me back. My body was on its side, Not giving me much hope to get free as my I tried kicking and fighting back. I couldn’t get a grip on anything and I couldn’t stand up without falling back down. Fear coursed through me.

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