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Victor Takes It All

Enter the ring if you dare

This is round three, let’s go

Gloves on, tightly fitted

Take a defensive stance

You’re playing a dangerous game

Best to watch out and be on guard

Their fists up in front of their face

as their feet dance from side to side

Look at the opponent and learn their moves

Size them up as you watch every little twitch they have

The bell rings and the last round begins

They make circles around you, deciding the best way to strike

Their body moving forward and backwards, egging you on

They aren’t going to be gentle as they strike first

Fists covered in sticky velvet blood from each of you

Block them, block them with your arm

Hands up, head low, watch your footing

Find their patterns, use them against your opponent

They strike hard on the side of your face

The strikes just keep coming

Keeps striking one blow to your head

and then to your stomach

Blood dripping down your chin

The iron taste filling your mouth and down your lungs

Fist finally makes contact with their chin

It takes them by surprise and knocks them back

Take a step forward, position yourself, then swing

Keep your opponent cornered, don’t let them out

Find their weak spots, strike them hard and fast

Don’t let up, don’t let them get the upper hand

They are cornered and bleeding all over the place

A busted eye and busted nose, bleeding without permission

A bell rings and signals that the round is over

You look at your opponent from the opposite corner

You smirk and think about the rules set in play

‘You thought I was going to be gentle, kid?’

‘The rules are simple: loser leaves town and never comes back’

The last round is done, and the victor stands strong

Your hands raised high in the air, showing who’s champ

Your only thoughts now are of watching them leave

Their bags packed over their shoulder as they limp away

They go back home; a ring is no place for a kid to be.

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