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Meet the Peakesworth

The Peakesworth already had a bit of history created for them by their creator. Although married for a long time, they never had children, because Burt hates kids!

At first, I was disappointed they don’t have any children, and this couldn’t be a legacy story. However, this would be a chance to play out something I wanted for a while now…a reincarnation love story! ❤

Fat shit cat having his hourly nap. 

As the story goes, the couple makes up for their lack of children by having a ton of cats. These damn cats are everywhere, and they have no chill.

No sir! Cat booty does not belong on the counter! 

Immediately as I started playing them, Burt showed anger and aggression towards Glinda. It was as if he didn’t recognize her at all and was angered by this stranger’s presence…oh no…

You’re the love of my life, and I’ll never forget you…wait…WHO ARE YOU?! 

Burt having Alzheimer’s was a struggle for Glinda. She was trying not to let her husband’s memory lapses affect her, but it was hard.

I’d tell you I cheated to make you mad…but you’d forget in five minutes. 

But Glinda is a good-natured gal, and she understands her hubby’s illness. So, she tries not to let her husband’s sudden mean outburst anger her, so she can stay positive…

Husband is mean…but then again, we have KITTY CATS!!

But there is a thing called Negative Positivity (or something like that).

Even cheerful Glinda caves under the pressure of loving a man who sometimes forgets their entire life together.

Searching old photos for brighter days…

Maybe I’ll remember what hope looks like…


She remembers how much fun they had as kids and growing up. But her memory was fading too. These days were starting to seem like a hazy dream…

But for now, I remember…even if he forgets…

I…I remember…

Part 1: The Reincarnation PlayPart 3: The Photo Album

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