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The $60 per hour side-hustle

The common adage that it “takes money to make money” is one of the first stumbling blocks an aspiring but broke entrepreneur will have to face. Some will turn to family and friends for seed capital, others will save just a little bit more from their primary income.

But I want to make the steps I take accessible to anyone, especially those trapped by a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle. Hopefully, this will allow more people to become financially free.

To start, I researched online side hustles that can make raise startup funds in the most time-efficient way possible. Here are my favourites:

1. UserTesting

UserTesting is a website that acts as the intermediary between companies with online products and product testers. You, as the product tester, will be given unreleased websites, apps and surveys on which you will complete various tasks for 10 minutes, so it takes up very little time.

The best thing about this website is that the going rate is $60 PER HOUR. They pay directly to Paypal, and so far I’ve gotten 2 tests in 1 day, but of course, I will have to see how consistently I can get tests to sustain my earnings.

2. Cambly

Cambly is a website that allows native English speakers to teach English online. I’ve only begun their onboarding process, so I will update you as I take it further. So far, I would say that it is trustworthy and has been given good reviews by users on both sides. On average, it pays around $8 per hour, which is reasonable for the lower workload than UserTesting. I imagine this will be a more consistent albeit less efficient source of seed capital for me.

3. Appen

Appen is something like Amazon’s MTurk, but more readily available where I live. There are a bunch of freelance jobs on it where you can make up to $25 an hour. However, from my first impressions, it does take a long time to set up and get qualified for the various jobs. I have been under processing for around 4 days now.

As far as I see, the best way to make a lot of money quickly online is to sign up for as many of these quick online jobs as possible, so that whenever you have any downtime, you can make a quick buck that will grow into an impressive sum to kick start your financial independence.

For my next article, I will show you how I plan to turn these small sums of money into a productive business.

Follow me and let’s build an empire together.

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