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Memories Of Peachfuzz

I just learned a good friend of mine died.

I had first met Peachfuzz and his wife Priscilla at the old DG’s, formerly Com’s. They ran the kitchen there back when I was going to Antioch and DG’s was the college hangout. I still miss the Swiss bacon burger.

Fast forward a couple of years. I was running a gift shop, waiting for my ex-wife to graduate. Peach came in one afternoon and asked if we could talk.

“Of course,” I replied. “What’s up?”

I remember him looking down kind of embarrassed, or sheepish. “Well, I wanted to know if you want to come cook for us at DG’s.”

Surprised, I said, “Sure. Always looking for a new part-time gig. When do you want me to start?”

“Can you come in around 4 today?” That is so typical Peachfuzz.

Turned out my dear friend and volleyball coach/guru Paul “Julio” Herman had recommended me after seeing and eating my cooking at the Antioch Caf.

More Yellow Springs trivia – a server working for Peach and Priscilla was pregnant and had to sit a lot. So there was a booth in the corner next to the cash register with a little sign on it saying “Reserved for Mr. Fub’s Party”. Jennifer always had a convenient place to sit.

When Jennifer and Priscilla started a toy store in Yellow Springs, the obvious name was “Mr. Fub’s Party”. Now you know.

Back to the story. Peachfuzz had a, ahem, bit of a temper.Quick to flare up,but just as easily forgiven. Pots thrown, yelling, screaming, all that.

My personal favorite was when something went horribly wrong in the kitchen. Peach would yell, “Fuck a rubber Jesus!”

Then he would apologize to God.

I would speak up. “Um, Peach, so I’m an atheist and don’t know much about this stuff.

“But I’m kindathinking once you put that out there, there’s no taking it back. Just sayin.’”

There were lotsa fun times. Smoking pot in the tiny backyard. Catching a woman standing on a milk crate, peering into the men’s room from the backyard to see who had the biggest dick.

She screamed when we said something – Peach and I both recognized her scream. We looked at each other and said her name in unison.

It’s an old Kinks song, but not Lola. And she was the drive-through teller at the old Miamibank in more ways than one.

Mint juleps in the kitchen on Kentucky Derby day. Hard drinking and smoking at their house after hours.

Peach telling the one joke I told him that he actually could remember how to tell. It involved a swimming pool and a quadruple amputee.

So many more good memories.

But my favorite memory of Peach is closing up with him one night. The special had been lasagna.

Peach was transferring the leftovers to a smaller steampan. Halfway through, he said, “Shit. It’s too big. It won’t fit.”

I immediately piped up. “Yeah, that’s what she told me last night.”

Peach laughed so hard that he dropped all of the lasagna on the floor. After about 30 seconds, he realized what had happened and was horrified at the repercussions he would face from Priscilla.

He got super serious, as that was $20 or $30 worth of ingredients on the floor, maybe $80 or $100 retail at the time.

“Mikey, you gotta promise me never to tell Priscilla what happened.”

“OK, Peach, but you gotta promise me that you won’t yell at me for a month.”

He nodded, defeated, knowing this was the better deal.

“OK Mikey, I promise.” And we circled April 6 on the calendar in the kitchen, so he would know when he was done with his penance.

A few nights later I was working as a server on the floor. Peachfuzz came storming through the swinging kitchen door.

Waving a ticket at me, he yelled, “Mikey, what the hell is this?”

I just wagged a finger at him. “Peach, you promised not to yell at me for a month.”

“Goddammit, you’re right.” And he turned around, tucked his tail between his legs, and went back into the kitchen.

Priscilla, stunned, asked me what I had on him. “I’ve been with him ten years and I can’t

get him to behave like that.”

I just shook my head. “I’m really sorry, but I promised not to tell.”

Well, Priscilla, now you know the rest of the story. I hope it was worth the 40-year wait.

RIP Peachfuzz…

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