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Narcissistic Women Are a Leech

We all know about “womanizers”, don’t we? But how much do we actually talk about women who jump from one relationship straight to another?

I am not talking about women who do that out of insecurity when they are young or just because they like changing partners. I am talking about women who do this to use men.

I am talking about narcissistic women who go from one relationship to another. They usually end the relationship when they are “discovered” by their partners or when they can’t get what they want from these men anymore.

Narcissistic women have a lot of short-term relationships. I know of narcissistic women that actually make lists of men that they slept with, took money from, and those who have made notes of men who could later become their “backup” plan.

These women are sickening.

Narcissistic women go from one man to another just to receive gratification. The narcissistic women want to be celebrated, they want to be the centre of attention and when the man realizes that he is the one that’s giving it all in the relationship, they get angry, vengeful and “psychotic”.

Too many men are being abused by narcissistic women. These men usually deal with things such as:

  • Constantly providing for the narcissistic woman, even though she has her own job;
  • Helping her raise her own kids, taking on responsibilities that aren’t his to take;
  • Dealing with repeated drama and problems;
  • Dealing with lazy and irresponsible women, cheaters, and drug users — constantly trying to help them out and “save” them;

It’s impossible to satisfy the needs and wants of a narcissist.

When the partner fails, the woman leaves and looks elsewhere. Some women are always actively looking for something better and will quickly discard their current partner if they think they have a chance at something better. Because the truth is that these women are incapable of love.

They don’t feel any guilt for hurting their partner. They only put themselves first so there’s no reason for them not to discard a partner anytime they think someone else can provide more.

There are few men that can consider themselves lucky. These men realize that they are in an abusive relationship with a narc. They figured out that they were the ones that were responsible for making the relationship work. They gave it all to the narcissist because they believe they should. And one day they just couldn’t take this abuse anymore, they’ve seen through them and stood up to them.

I wish there were more men like this!

When that happens, what do narcissistic women do then? They go look for another supply. They have this pressure to make the next relationship work, last a bit longer…

These women can’t be alone. They aren’t people who can change themselves. If they seem nice, it’s only because they are pretending to be nice. They have been sick since their early childhood and they are unwilling to change themselves.

The thing is these women just have to find a new supply to make the world believe that it wasn’t their fault that the previous relationship has broken down.

They would also use this as a tactic to gain sympathy and admiration from others. They would often tell their family, friends, acquaintances, children, neighbours, and even cats or dogs — literary everyone something like this:

  • “He has been so bad to me, I had to leave finally! I am such a strong woman…”
  • “I’ve struggled for too long, and it’s because of him that I am now unable to get myself back on track. That’s why my kids are always late to school…;”
  • “He cheated on me — I am sure of it! That’s why he left me with my child…Oh yes, it wasn’t his child…but never mind, he still should have stayed…Poor me…”
  • They will also tell horrible things to children.
  • Quite often narcissistic women are also malicious mothers. They would say things such as:
  • “Your father is taking me to court! He wants money! He is just constantly fighting with me! ”
  • “Your father left us! He was a cheater and I loved him so much. When he left I wanted to kill myself. I can’t ever lose you, if I do then I would kill myself. Please don’t ever leave me!”

Narcissists can’t help themselves. They are incredibly fragile when facing an idea that perhaps they did something wrong, especially when others can see it.

Therefore if there’s a conflict they will do anything and everything to maintain a fantasy that they are always good and amazing, all while perceiving the other party as evil, malicious and dangerous!

They need other people’s validation that their delusion is true. To achieve that, they create slanderous, manipulative narratives where all of that is true and try to convince others of it. And since many people are unwilling and unable to look into the truth behind it, the narcissist can find that validation they so desperately crave and even act out their revenge fantasies.

They do this just because they want to hurt others because they are miserable themselves. Often other people and children get hurt: financially, emotionally, or even physically. But the narcissist doesn’t care about that.

They are often happy because in their narrative the target deserves it by being evil, so whatever happens, is justified.

Not everyone can see the truth when listening to the narcissist but it’s quite evident looking from the outside and if you have enough experience. Or when you are willing to find out the truth. Then you can easily spot narcissistic women and recognize the patterns of abuse and the common and sometimes overly obvious tactics that they use to manipulate others.

So don’t fall for it. Be smarter. Always ask questions.

Narcissistic women will give you inconsistent answers, and then you will know that you are dealing with a leech.

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