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A Haunting Melody Of My Life Experiences

The ones that shaped me into the person I am

My Soul is protected, hidden away safely

It is housed in its own separate beautiful box,

One that needs its own key, in a steel safe

Rarely opened, rarely seen, behind its lock.


It shares its box with shards and ashes

The remnants of my life and memories,

Pieces torn, wilted and finally set alight

Burnt bridges and other such accessories.


That box holds my successes, my failures

And my dreams of who I would love to be,

A total sum of every experience and whim

The good, the bad, the ugly, all set to free.


Every now and then I’ll take the box out

And I will take a peek inside, to remember,

I’ll sift through the ashes, and the shards

Feelings the sadness, pain and temper.


All these are a stark reminder of my life

Of experiences that helped shape me,

A reminder that they may have hurt

I survived as none of it could break me.


All the shards, ashes and memories

Are a great testament to my strength,

They ensure that I don’t forget at all

The hurt and pain I kept at arms length.


As I lift the lid of my most precious box

I listen to the haunting melody that plays,

A musical theatrical song of my life

Taming the heartache and offers praise.


I love that melody that’s mine alone

It’s what sets both you and I apart,

The haunting melody soothes my Soul

And settles the darkness in my heart. 

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