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A Memento Of The Old World 

Before all was destroyed by man

I’m standing in my new apartment, looking out the window

For as far as the eye can see, there are man-made buildings,

One level houses, three storey hotels, fifty floor office towers

Is it really worth the cost, even with all that trim and gilding?


There is not one ounce of greenery in sight, not even one

No plants, no lawns, no shady trees, no nature to be seen,

Just building after building or roads and tarmac’s galore

Plants removed, destroyed, no hint of where they’d been.


I turn away from the view, overcome with sadness, despair

What have we done to our world, is this our kids inheritance,

No more nature to enjoy, parks for leisure or trees to climb

Or do we excuse it, citing it’s necessary for our experiments?


I cannot look out the window anymore, not without the pain

I go back to my unpacking, placing books upon the shelves,

When I come across two miniature models I do so treasure

The last of their kind, glorious, so precious in themselves.


I’ve held these models for decades, to be passed to my heir

A memento of the old world, before man totally destroyed it,

When such things as a rainforest hike, a day on the beach

Skiing down a snow encrusted mountain, all as we saw fit.


I look down at my two hands, at the preciousness nestled

On each of my palms, gazing in awe and wonder for both,

One hand holds a miniature model of our precious world

And the other holds the rarity of a miniature tree in growth.


My future children will not know the world as it once was

These models are the closest they’ll ever get, so truly sad,

Man has made sure the soil is no longer fertile or enriched

And their destruction has made me so frustratingly mad!


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