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A World Inside A World 

How precious would that be

I had an amazing dream last night

Whereby there are multiple worlds,

Worlds inside of worlds, if we look

Where tiny ecosystems unfurled.


I’m not talking of the horrid pests

Not like fleas living on a family pet,

But teeny tiny ecosystems hidden

That we still have to discover yet.


How cool if my dream was true

And we witnessed these systems,

Everywhere we were to explore

Miniature, impossible to resist ‘em.


Imagine an old turtle on the beach

With a little world carried on its back,

A field of grass as the ground cover

Trees growing by the side of a track.


Wild animals grazing on the grass

As they enjoy the shade of the trees,

A tall giraffe, a wild deer, a flying stork

All not that much bigger than our bees.


How amazing would it be for us to see

This tiny ecosystem displayed for view,

An elephant of our world so mystified

As this teeny tiny world has it confused.


I loved the multiple worlds of my dream

Saddened to lose this as I woke today,

So many precious worlds could be alive

They may be true, just not on display. 


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