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Angel Number 2022

Also relates to Angel Number 6 (2+0+2+2=6)

The year 2022 is going to be a great year

As the number two appears three times,

Magnifying its energies thrice over

And under the influence of zero it aligns.


Two’s vibrations of duality, faith, trust, balance

And serving of one’s life purpose and diplomacy,

It is also the number of love, family, partnerships

Adaptability, co-operation and opportunities.


The zero amplifiers the number two’s energies

Ensuring they are more powerful and influential,

Zero relates to the development of spiritual aspects

Allowing infinity, oneness and choice’s full potential.


Therefore the Angel Number 2022 resonates with

Faith, balance, manifesting miracles and opportunities,

Concentrating on the bigger picture and finer details

Turning the most ambitious of dreams into realities.


Remember nothing happens by chance

But that everything happens for a reason,

So maintain your positive attitude

As your dreams come true in completion.


Angel number 2022 encourages you

To contemplate your soul purpose and life path,

Listen to your intuition and inner wisdom

And take the necessary actions when asked.


Maintain your convictions, your goal, your plans

You will achieve a great deal this year,

Devotion, patience, purpose and grace

Will, in the end, conquer your fear. 

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