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Are You Aware

You have been extremely foolish, my friend

Are you aware, you cannot chain the wind,

Nor keep the torrential rain locked in a cage

Tides can’t be controlled or the sun dimmed?


Are you aware, that I cannot be owned

By trying to restrain me, I need to take flight,

By holding onto me so tightly, smothering me

You have driven me away, fleeing in fright.


Are you aware, I would have happily stayed

Simply because I desired to be by your side,

We had a good thing going, just you and me

Feeling your will choking me, I cannot abide.


You leave me no choice, I leave to be free

I will not be held hostage, by your insecurities,

We will never know, where this love could lead

You tied my hands, a sign of your immaturity. 


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